Thursday, July 28, 2016

Another Break

Thursday: (07/28) Labeling and organizing photos. Made some Facebook posts for my PCT hike. Signed up for a hike with my hiking group tomorrow. Lou mad portobello mushroom eggs Benedict for breakfast, In a large mushroom she added meatloaf, eggs and sauce or cheese and baked them.  Lunch at Gourmet Haus Staudt in Redwood City. Nice German food and beer. Enchiladas for dinner.
Friday: (07/29) Lou, Dawn and I met my hiking group at the Palo Alto Baylands for a walk on most of the trails there. We saw two red fox kits and the only watetfall in Palo Alto. Granola for breakfast, Enchiladas for lunch, BBQ ribs for dinner
Saturday: (07/30) I spent the day working on photos and posts for this blog. Donuts for breakfast, enchiladas for lunch and stringed zucchini with clam sauce and a green salad for dinner.
Sunday: (07/31) I spent some time on a photo album of the recent PCT sections and on the blog. I also made a reservation for a visit to San Luis Obispo for a test trip in the RV to see if it’s running right now. Lou made banana pancakes with walnuts and caramel sauce for breakfast. Leftover enchiladas for lunch. Corned beef hash and eggs for dinner.
Monday: (08/01) I finished the blog posting for my PCT hike. Lots of photos. Unfortunately, all my notes for the latest section of the hike from old Station were lost by my phones failure so the comments are per memory only, usually not my best.
I loaded my scaffolding and a ladder on to the Jeep and collect tools and then was then off to San Jose.. On the way i stopped at bestBuy about my dead phone. Turns out it’s easier to due it online, so I will. I spoke to the tenant about the electrical problem they reported about their washer and tested the circuit. Everything is good, no problems with the power just tenant confusion. They also pointed out some loose towel racks in the bathroom which I tightened up. They also wanted a couple of windows operable in the living room and study. I cut the paint to make them so. they also wanted screens for those windows which I bought material for. After lunch, I installed what gutter mounting screws I had to reattach the gutter on the North side of the house and also cleaned the leaves out of it. I needed more screws to mount the gutter so searched for them at Lowe’s and HD but finally found them at OSH. I had a subway sandwich for lunch and stopped for egg olls and shrimp at House Of Eggroll on the way home. In the evening I contacted the Geek Squad from Bestbuy about getting my dead phone replaced.
Tuesday: (08/02) Not an early riser today. When i did get moving i collected some materials and tools I needed for San Jose. I headed off about 0900 stopping for breakfast at La Victoria on the way. A nice chorizo breakfast burrito. I finished installing the gutter screws, installed leaf guards at the downspouts, adjusted and tightened the fence posts on the North Side and installed a couple of brace for the fence to the eves of the house. And, finally I made a couple of screens for two front windows and installed them. I had to make one trip to OSH for a couple of pieces of stel to make the braces for the fence. I finally got away about 1800. Lunch was chili beans. Lou made hamburgers for dinner.
Wednesday: (08/03) Today is the reason I cut my hike short. I had thought I would have time to get to South Lake Tahoe in time to be home for today. Today was my hiking groups annual potluck dinner. Always nice to see my fellow hikers.
Blintzes for breakfast. Leftovers for lunch. After lunch I made a bunch of enchiladas.three dishes. One I cooked later just before going to a potluck dinner with my fellow hikers in Los Altos. The other two are for later. I had a bunch of leftover flour tortillas from my resupply boxes  which were used on two and made a third with corn tortillas for Lou. I cut the tortillas and into small squares and made it  more like a casserole or lasagna so it would be easier to serve various portion sizes at thee party.
Thursday: (08/04) PBJ toast for breakfast. Lunch at LUU Noodle House. Relaxed at home all day interspersed with some tinkering. Lou and I went out to dinner at Frankie, Johnie, and Luigi’s restaurant in Mountain View. I’ve lived here in the area for 47 years and have always intended to try them and this is the first time I’ve been there. Good Italian food. After dinner we went to the Stanford Theater. The double feature was the Marx brothers film “Duck Soup” and Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.  Both movies were quite good. The “Duck Soup” movie seems very much like things would be in Trump is elected our president.
Friday: (08/05) PBJ toast again for breakfast. Lou dropped me off at San Antonio Mall and I spent some time catching up on the construction project there. They’ve accomplished a lot over the past two months. Lunch at home of a ham and cheese sandwich with some of Lou’s spice cake for desert. Lou and Dawn took the Jeep down to the dealer. They haven’t responded to phone calls so Lou went to complain to the manager. Lou noticed this morning that the windshield on the jeep was cracked. I called and arranged an appointment to replace it week after next.Enchiladas for dinner.
Saturday: (08/06) I  cleaned the RV’s carpet.  Lou was busy smoking some meat. Lou’s mushroom Benedicts for breakfast. Enchiladas for dinner.
Sunday: (08/07) Busy preparing to leave tomorrow. Cleaning, loading and filling. Lou made eggs potatoes and smoked corned beef for breakfast. Leftover enchiladas for lunch. Lou made rice noodles with chicken and mizithra cheese with carrot raisin salad.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

PCT MM1157 Departing Truckee

Wednesday: (07/27) Up at 0520 broke camp and loaded my backpack for train travel (Poles inside, all outside pocket stuff inside, empty excess water.  I made it to Truckee a day early at about 0630. I had gotten a ride from the trailhead. I had breakfast at the Wagon Train Coffee Shop then went to the Amtrak Station across the street to get my ticket. The office didn’t open until 0900 and the bus I intended to ride departed at 0840. Fortunately the WiFi from the gift shop at the station was open so I ordered my ticket online. A nice ride on home on the bus to Sacramento and the train on to Santa Clara followed by a ride on light  rail to Mountain view and a bus the rest of the way home. there was a problem in Richmond that delayed the train for an hour due to a sinkhole by the tracks. iwas home a little after 5 PM. We enjoyed salads from the Corner bakery restaurant nearby.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

PCT MM1177 To MM1157, Truckee Trailhead

Tuesday: (07/26) I had 20 miles to hike today to make it to Highway 80 at Truckee. Because I would be arrived late due to the distance, I didn’t go in to Truckee since most motels would be filled already. I camped at the  Highway 80/PCT trailhead at MM1157. I arrived too late at 1930 to get to Truckee. I made contact with a lady camped here that will take me in to Truckee tomorrow morning.
GPS: 39.344294, -120.339968

Monday, July 25, 2016

PCT MM1198 To MM1177

PCT Views Leaving Sierra City SB 0725160721a_HDR PCT Views Leaving Sierra City SB 0725160722c_HDR
Monday: (07/25) Left early by eating a trail breakfast rather than going to the Red Moose.  Above is the Yuba River where i crossed it as i let Sierra City. Later in the morning some smoke came in due to fires elsewhere in the state.
PCT Views South Of Sierra City 0725160920_HDR
Above is Milton Creek. I camped at MM1177 hiking  18 miles today. My phone died about 1500. Nice of it to wait to almost the end of my hike. Interesting hiking without it. I got my tablet out as a replacement but that doesn’t help with internet from mobile nor making phone calls. From Sierra City it was 41 miles to Truckee. I did 20 miles today .
GPS: 39.461432, -120.471933

Sunday, July 24, 2016

PCT Zero at Sierra City

Red Moose Cafe 0724160923_HDR
Sunday: (07/24) Above is the Red Moose Cafe where I enjoyed breakfast on the deck.
Pastrami Sandwich From The Country Store 0724161322_HDR Pastrami Sandwich From The Country Store 0724161826_HDR
Had WiFi at store and on deck at the Inn where I’m staying? No cell at all. Above are lunch, a 1/2 lb burger and fries,  and dinner, a huge pastrami sandwich. A nice day off.
GPS: 39.568527, -120.626857

Saturday, July 23, 2016

PCT Mm1215 To MM1198, Sierra City

PCT Views SB Approaching Sierra City 0723160812b_HDR PCT Snow Views SB Approaching Sierra City 0723160902_HDR
Saturday: (07/23) More views from the top. Most of the trail is along a ridge above 7000 feet. More snow in the area.
PCT Views SB Approaching Sierra City 0723160903_HDR PCT Views SB Approaching Sierra City 0723160909_Pano
An everything view. mountains, lakes, snow… and a nice panorama view on the right above.
PCT Views SB Approaching Sierra City 0723161245a_HDR PCT Views SB Approaching Sierra City 0723161436_HDR
Finally over the top near Sierra Buttes and a long 7 mile downhill trek on the side of mountains.
PCT Views SB Approaching Sierra City 0723161549_HDR My Cabin At Yuba River Inn 0723161906_HDR
Much of the trail down to Sierra City was on unstable rock trail. Made it to Sierra City, Too late for dinner. Nabbed the last room for tonight, a cabin., at the Yuba River Inn Got my resupply box even though the store was closed by the time I got there. I did get a soda and and It’s It ice cream. Then headed back to the cabin and do laundry and take a shower.

Friday, July 22, 2016

PCT MM1247 To MM1215

PCT Views SB Before Sierra City 0722160811_HDR PCT Views SB Before Sierra City 0722160937_HDR
Friday: (07/22) More ridge top walking today.
PCT Views SB Before Sierra City 0722160938_Pano Flowers 0722160958_HDR
A nice panoramic view from the top above left. A bouquet of flowers on the right.
PCT Views SB Before Sierra City 0722161517a_HDR PCT Views SB Before Sierra City 0722161519_HDR
Views from the top. Even some snow.
Flowers 0722161600a_HDR PCT Views SB Approaching Sierra City 0722161753_HDR
Anothr nice flower and more good views. I camped at MM1215 hiking 18 miles today. Only 19 miles to Sierra City. The ridge is above 7000 feet and had some snow patches off trail. Nice breezes help.
GPS: 39.70562, -120.716035

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

PCT MM1265 To MM47, Middle Fork Feather River

At Terry And Nancy Cabin In Bucks Lake  0720160712_HDR Breakfast At Terry And Nancy Cabin In Bucks Lake  0720160724_HDR
Wednesday: (07/20) Morning on the deck at Buck Lake. A wonderful breakfast.
At Terry And Nancy Cabin In Bucks Lake  0720160740_HDR Terry DillyDally and Nancy at Bucks Lake  0720160853_HDR
Most the my fellow hikers at breakfast. On the right re are hosts terry and Nancy with one of the hikers, Dilly Dally in the middle.
Bridge Over Feather River 0720161909_HDR Feather River South Of Bucks Lake 0720161911a_HDR
The bridge over the Middle Fork of the Feather River and a look down from it above.
Feather River South Of Bucks Lake 0720161938_HDR
I camped by the Middle Fork Feather River seen above at MM1247, 18 miles hiked today. Since it was a hike down to the river it was  warmer. Nice foot washing water temp. 52 mi to Sierra City. Big climb tomorrow morning.
GPS: 39.808767, -121.044681

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

PCT MM1280 To MM1265, Bucks Lake

PCT Approaching Bucks Lake SB 0719160633_HDR Lily Pond Approaching Bucks Lake 0719160921a_HDR
Tuesday: (07/19) A nice walk on to Bucks Lake. 15 miles today. Above left is the trail just beyond where I camped. Another 2000′ climb to get to the top of the ridge to enjoy a nice rolling hike the rest of the way to Bucks Lake. On the right is a lily pond.
Views pproaching Bucks Lake 0719161155_HDR Views pproaching Bucks Lake 0719161243_HDR
Some nice views on the way.
Trail Angel Sign At Bucks Lake 0719161619_HDR At Terry And Nancy Cabin In Bucks Lake 0719161802_HDR
MM1265 at Bucks Lake.  Above left is the sign about the trail Angels at Bucks Lake. I called and got a lift in to their place. They asked me to pick up the sign as it was their last day. I  was the next to the last guest to arrive. Terry and Nancy Williams place call their  place Honker Pass because geese fly by their deck each morning and evening. They pick you up at the trailhead, feed you, provide showers and wash and return you to the trailhead.  Only problem is no cell signal nor WiFi.
At Terry And Nancy Cabin In Bucks Lake 0719162058_HDR
A campfire. They have a house guitar and accordion.  Amazing that thre of the 12 guests could play the accordion?

GPS: 39.867486, -121.169114

Monday, July 18, 2016

PCT MM1290 To MM1280, Belden Town

Waterfall Near Belden 0718160903_HDR Belden 0718161521_HDR
Monday: (07/18) MM1280, 10 miles today. Above left is a waterfall just before arriving at Belden Town.  On the right is the Belden Town hotel, bar, restaurant, and store. I arrived about 0930 and enjoyed a CFS breakfast followed by a shower, doing my wash and receiving my resupply box. I loaded my pack and enjoyed a nice Belden burger and Angry Orchard cider for lunch then left town about 1500.
Flower 0718161743_HDR Campsite 2 miles South Of Belden 0718161943_HDR
Nice flowers on the left above. I made it about half way up the 4000′ climb to the only campsite listed on the way up. It was occupied. There was room for me to cowboy camp there. I learned from my fellow occupant of some nice Trail Angels at Buck Lake where i hadn’t intended to stop.
GPS: 39.988174, -121.259129

Sunday, July 17, 2016

PCT MM1309 To MM1290, Williams Cabin Site

PCT Trail 0717160911_HDR PCT Trail View 0717161046_HDR
Sunday: (07/17) Nice trails today.
Cold Sprring 0717161018_HDR
Above is a realy nice spring, Cold Spring. Easy to access, good flow, really cold water.
I camped at the old Williams Cabin site by Chips Creek (river) at MM1290. I hiked 19 mikes today. Maybe breakfast tomorrow in Belden, 6 miles ahead.
GPS: 40.029008, -121.312838

Saturday, July 16, 2016

PCT MM1325 To MM1309

Pattern In Wood 0716160925_HDR Flower 0716160926a_HDR
Saturday: (07/16) Some interesting items above. Left is a thin piece of wood or bark that had an interesting pattern. On the right is another flower/fungi.
PCT Halfway Marker 0716160955_HDR PCT Trail 0716161231_HDR
I passed by the halfway point of the Pacific Crest Trail. Above left is the marker.
Butterfly Perched By Pack 0716161323d_HDR PCT Trail View 0716161421_HDR
A beautiful butterfly rested on my backpack during one of my breaks.
Flowers 0716161438_HDR Flowers 0716161438a_HDR
Not as many flowers as there were a couple of weeks ago but there are some. These above are the same. They seem to age into the more vivid orange and red colors.
Flowers 0716161605_HDR Flowers 0716161652b_HDR
Another flower/fungi on the left above. the flowers on the right were most rare. I only saw six plants where I took this photo and they were never seen again. I camped at MM1309, hiking 16 miles today.
GPS: 40.152454, -121.438365