Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lazy Daze

Wednesday: (04/29) Granola for breakfast. I worked in the shop most of the day. I fabricated and welded up the mounting plate for the trike basket mount. In order to accomplish that, I had to stop by our local Harbor Freight Tools store. I mostly just needed some grinding wheels and a pin wrench but I , of course, came away with a bag full of stuff. A wonderful toy store it is. Tuna and cheese sandwich for lunch.

Thursday: (04/30) A hot dog omelet for breakfast. More relaxing for me today. Except to doing some exercises the doctor prescribed for my knee.  I've been binge watching the Marco Polo TV series. Lou and I stopped by the LUU Noodle House for a late  lunch. Dawn was busy with appointments. Asparagus and scalloped potatoes for diner.

Friday: (05/01) Granola for breakfast.  Lou and Dawn were gone all day to the East bay for an appointment and to go thrift store shopping. They said they had some nice crepes for lunch and great hard cider and clam chowder for dinner. I relaxed at home all day. I had corned beef and cheese sandwich for lunch and corned beef and rice for dinner.

Saturday: (05/02) We started with our weekly shopping trip to Walmart, Trader Joe's, Sprout's, and Grocery Outlet. A nice circuit. I fixed scrambled eggs with chorizo, onions and peppers for breakfast. We stopped by an open house in our neighborhood. I walked the six blocks to the house and then on to Fry's Electronics. It was only about a mile total but my knee noticed it. Nice to get out though. Chicken salad for lunch. Hamburgers and baked fries for dinner. We all went to the Redwood Bluegrass Association concert where Della Mae performed. A really good all girl bluegrass group but not entirely bluegrass. They seemed to smoothly blend country, jazz, experimental and bluegrass together.

Sunday: (05/03) I took the Jeep to get an oil change. It took some time though. Since it hasn't been used but a couple of short trips in the ast couple of months I wanted to exercise the engine some first. I drove over to Best Buy and REI to look around. At REI I found a pair of wet socks I've been looking for for a while. I'll carry them to use if I need warm feet going through water and snow. My running Cascadia 9 shoes are only good for water up to 1/2 inch deep if I don't make waves. Gee, I hope I get back to the trail sometime so I can use this stuff. Anyway, then i returned to my local Jiffy Lube location having passed a couple of other locations. They couldn't do the job because their computer was down. So I got to warm the engine a little more returning to another location. All this because I got a coupon from them. I also found a low lef rear tire on the RV but it seemed to have the proper pressure? I also need to repair a broken valve stem extension mount. That turned in to a project, mostly trying to find tools. Tomorrow I'll get some material to repair it. Actually this was a productive day compared to most recently. Boysenberry pancakes for breakfast. Dawn made Shepherd's Pie for dinner.

Monday: (05/04) Lou and i visited the hardware store and then REI. She wanted a good sun shirt like I wear on the trail. Her sun allergy is acting up. Lou's pecan pie for breakfast. LUU Noodle House for lunch. Leftover Shepherd's pie with corn on the cob for dinner.

Tuesday: (05/05) Cinco de Mayo. Yogurt and blackberries for breakfast. My stomach wasn't happy much of the day so I was in relaxation mode all day. I did finish my binge viewing of the Longmire TV series, season 3. I had a half tuna sandwich for lunch. Papa John's pizza had a special for half off your order today. I took advantage of it and ordered a giant pizza for $12.50. They make a pretty good pizza and when they are on sale I often take advantage of it for a pizza. Lou and Dawn can't share because they aren't gluten free so a big pizza lasts me a while. They had liver and onions.

Wednesday: (05/06) French toast for breakfast. I got the basket installed on Dawn's trike after another trip to the hardware store. More pizza for my dinner. Lou and Dawn had leftover liver and onions.





Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Longmire Binge

Tuesday: (04/28) Leftovers made a nice ham, latka, and cheese sandwich on and English muffin for breakfast. Dawn had an appointment so Lou and i took her and then we shopped around, mostly a good look around the hardware store. Lou's working on a new basket/ice chest for the trike. We found a perfect metal box to mount to support the ice chest. We got a piece of steel for me to make a mounting plate for it tomorrow. Otherwise I was busy binge watching season three of Longmire. Mushroom soup and a tuna and cheese sandwich for lunch. Artichokes, corn on the cob and smoked chicken for dinner. My congestion and cough are mostly gone and my knee is better but no where near ready for a hike. I was given exercises to do that are supposed to fix it and I need to really get with it and do them. Maybe today I can make it a habit.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunny Weather

We're supposed to have an 80 degree day today. I read yesterday that last week the weather on the area of the trail I had been hiking had flash flood warnings and rain and hail after I departed. Wonderful timing. If I had stayed on the trail I would have had a couple of days to hunker down due to foul weather. A nice breakfast sandwich wit hleftover chicken fried steak for my breakfast. We were all off early. Lou and i dropped Dawn off for an appointment and we spent some time shopping nearby until she needed to be picked up. We all went to the Crazy Buffet, a Chinese buffet in Sunnyvale for lunch. I emailed my doctor about my knee. I forgot to mention it when I saw her last week and it is now the controlling factor in whether I return to the trail any time soon. She simply advised I ice it and contact her again if it doesn't get better. About what I expected but i do have to go through her before getting a referral in case it doesn't get better. It's been acting up long enough now that I think this will be an extended problem. So I'm relaxing now icing the knee and listening to podcasts.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Birthday, Again

Sunday: (04/26) I'm not complaining. Celebrating another birthday is much better than the alternative. Last year I was at the Pacific Crest Trail Kickoff meeting. This year I'm at home but could have been approaching Kennedy Meadows, the end of my first two sections for this year if I hadn't taken a break due to a snow storm and the current break for my nose and knee. Last year I celebrated with hundreds of strangers, this year I planned on being with the lizards and snakes but am actually at home with family. Wherever, they're always nice to have.

I share this day with some other famous folks. Carol Burnett (comedian), Gypsy Rose Lee (stripper), Jim Davis (actor), Count Basie (musician), Broderick Crawford (actor), Lucille Ball (comedian), and Jack Valenti (censor).

Lou and Dawn are still off at the story telling event so I'm by myself for breakfast. So donuts are in order. Leftover pizza for lunch. Ernie and i drove over to Milpitas to the Black Bear Diner to meet Lou Dawn, Courtney and Cecelia for our delayed Easter dinner. It was delayed by my calling Lou to pick me up last weekend. It was only coincidental that it was my birthday which wasn't remembered except by me but mostly by the magic of my Google Calendar. I use my Google Calendar for any long term memory. I just have to use my sort term memory to remember to enter any important date or meeting into my calendar. Otherwise it is forgotten until just after remembering it would be useful.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

All By Myself

Saturday: (04/25) I fixed scrambled eggs with wieners and cheese with black berries on the side for our breakfast. Lou and Dawn were off early to Orinda for a storytelling event. today and tomorrow. I'm all by myself today. I relaxed, watered the lawn, relaxed, repacked by now clean backpack, relaxed, ordered a pizza for lunch and dinner, relaxed. I used Dawn's scooter to get the pizza. It's much more fun than going in the car.

Friday, April 24, 2015


Friday: (04/24) Lou and I were off to do our weekly grocery shopping first thing as usual but a day early this week because Lou and Dawn will be gone tomorrow. Breakfast was a McDonald's McGriddle sandwich. Tuna and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou and Dawn had appointments. I relaxed all day. Dinner at Chili's restaurant.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Washing My Pack

Thursday: (04/23) We had breakfast at Brian's Cafe in Los Altos then took a walk around the village. Lou was busy smoking meats all day so we had ribs potatoes and corn on the cob for dinner. I washed my backpack, trekker chair and pillow. If I get back to the trail it will be cleaner and lighter. I'm afraid that is becoming a big IF. While my running nose is better, my choking cough lingers. But, my knee is what will likely keep me off the trail. It hasn't gotten better at all. I'm not even sure how I injured it. In any case, my pack will be ready if all systems become ready to go.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Losing Weight

Wednesday: (04/22) Breakfast burritos started the day. Actually more like burritos because we forgot the eggs. I spent some time going through my pack and eliminating some items no longer needed due to not having potential snow and cold. Also anything I didn't use on these past weeks was removed. I'm considering changing to my lighter quilt from my low temp sleeping bag as well.Our dinner was Chipolte's burrito bowls.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Tuesday: (04/21) I had some donuts from a new donut shop a couple of blocks away. This morning I had a doctors appointment to check on my cold. Who knew? I've never had allergies or hay fever before but supposedly I do now. At least that's the course of treatment  for now. On the way home I got some Dim Sum. None of that on the trail. I was busy relaxing much of the rest of the day. Hopefully my knee is relaxing as well. Lou made smoked Gouda chicken with rice, sweet potatoes and cauliflower for dinner.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Rest And Remediation Time

Monday: (04/20) Lou fixed nice breakfast sandwiches this morning. Again, I haven't lost any weight. Maybe I'm spending time eating my way along the trail now. I made a doctors appointment for tomorrow. Lou and I took a walk this morning. Again, I seriously limp starting out but then am OK. The ripe hiking clothes are in the washer now. Otherwise a relaxing day. We went to the Corner bakery for chopped salads for lunch. For dinner Lou made pork ribs with rice and asparagus.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

PCT MM430 To MM444 Acton

Sunday: (4/19) I was on trail at 0715. I was the only person in the campground, in fact I haven't seen any other campers on the trail since leaving Wrightwood. However, last night I did see a light about a 1/4 mile away. I thought it might just be something related to the communications building I'd seen on the way in. Anyway, as I got back on the trail I passed two bicyclists riding by on the dirt road next to the campground. Here I am in the wilds and this early in the morning the traffic is terrible! Then a few hundred feet down the trail I saw three hunters all decked out in camouflage gear and carrying their hand guns. They were the lights I'd seen last night. They said they were scouting for a later hunting trip. One was a trail angel and gave me a delicious pear. I was interested in making some miles so I carefully carried it for a couple of miles before I took a break to enjoy it. I had five miles to go to to get to the Mill Creek Fire Station, the next place with water. On the way down the mountain I met three young guys coming up the mountain to Pacifico peak on a day hike. Shortly later I met a group of about six older day hikers heading up as well. Again, I'm in the middle of nowhere and the traffic is terrible. As I arrived at the Los Angeles County Fire Station at Mill Creek the truck was leaving for a fire. As I filled my water and cooked lunch I listened to their radio communications on their outside speaker. They had responded to a yard fire at a house that got out of control burning a 1/4 acre. They were right on top of it with three engines from LA County, Forest Service and a Riverside County Truck, three water tenders and an aircraft all on their way before most were called off as the first arrivals contained the fire. Interesting. As I got back on the trail I crossed the Angles Forest Highway. There were two flagmen there assisting construction truck traffic. One offered me a soda. Unfortunately, I had to decline that wonderful offer. I had not only just filled my water bottles I had tanked myself up as well. I wouldn't want to carry it either. I then climbed up toward Mount Gleason. These next few miles were the last of the poodle dog bush problem areas on the trail. In fact most hikers have detoured onto the roads for the past few years. Trail crews have been working for the past six years to repair the trails and clear the post fire growth of PDB in the Station Fire Area. I didn't find much of a problem on the trail to here and only a couple of places where I had to walk around some PDB growth on the trail. A lot of dodging but usually easily passable. In fact, at MM 435 I met a trail crew clearing the last serious trail overgrowth which included PDB. The hikers I've been following must have had to back track or slide through watching for the nefarious PDB hiding amongst the friendlier overgrowth and doing strategic pushing with sticks. No place to walk around on the totally overgrown steep hillside. I made it to the closed North Fork fire station at MM436. Todd lives at the station as security. He keeps some five gallon jugs of water available at the closed picnic area next door. As I was filling up and having lunch, Todd came over and brought a wonderful peanut butter cookie. That and my sausage made lunch. From the fire station it was just nine miles down to Acton KOA where I was to meet Lou. I had called her earlier when I had 11 miles to go and she was way overoptimistic as to my hiking speed. I had planned to arrive by 1600, she thought I was now going to arrive at 1300. As I was about to cross the road to the KOA, she pulled up. She had been waiting and wondering where I was for the previous two hours. Different understandings of how fast I hike.

We picked up my resupply box from the KOA and headed off to Bakersfield. I was rather ripe, not having a shower at the KOA. We stopped at the Rice Bowl Chinese Restaurant for dinner. I changed clothes in their restroom and took a spit bath. Even after days on the trail nobody was running away. We just love the Cantonese Chinese food there. Then we were off toward home arriving just after 2200. A quick shower and all was well.

I have returned home because of a nasal infection and sore throat or something. Evidently, on my hurry down to Acton I strained my left knee as well. Now I need to limp a bit before I can walk normal A little rest for that as well. Again, time to look at the hike plan to determine what to do next.

More. Lou stopped at Aunt Helen's to spend the night on the way down. She had to take her to the hospital this morning. All's well now.

PCT Messenger Flats To Acton 2064 PCT Messenger Flats To Acton 2067
Interesting flowers on the way down the mountain.

PCT Messenger Flats To Acton 0329
More burned area today.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

PCT MM410 To MM430 Messenger Flats CG

Saturday: (04/18) On trail 0730. Started with more climb, then a long down hill to the Mill Creek Fire Station. They were just leaving for a fire. They have a faucet and a table where I got water and had lunch. From there, the next water is 15 miles, another fire station. Most other sources are dry or nearly. Shortly after I left the fire station and had a view of the valley from the hill I was climbing, I called Lou. My cold has gotten worst and she worries. So I arranged to meet her tomorrow in Acton and see a doctor. I've had this cough and runny nose since January. It's gotten steadily worst this past week. I had 24 miles to go when I called her so I had to make some miles today. I made 20 miles today, oddly through the worst possible conditions. Uphill and dodging poodle dog bush all the way. 14 miles to go tomorrow. I camped at Messenger Flats CG, just past the worst section of PDB, at MM430. Just made it before dark. Hard to dodge what you can't see. Saw two deer just before arriving at camp. First big game seen.
MM430 GPS: 34.37986, -118.18963

PCT Burn Area To Messenger Flats 2053 PCT Burn Area To Messenger Flats 2057
Typical looking trail for the burned areas.

PCT Burn Area To Messenger Flats 2058
Other sections look really nice with grass.

PCT Burn Area To Messenger Flats 0328 PCT Burn Area To Messenger Flats 2062
And some look even more bleak.

An interesting difference in the after effect of a fire between Southern California and Washington is that down here the poisonous poodle dog plant fills the void created by the fire. Up North huckleberries and blue berries fill the area.

Friday, April 17, 2015

PCT MM394 To MM410 Burn Area

Friday: (04/17) On trail 0745. The climb up to the highway was long but not bad. The trail then snaked along the highway s while crossing several times. At MM401 the poodle dog bush started. it continues for 21 miles. I stopped for the night at MM410. I'll have to watch my step tonight for my nightly duties. There is some PDB 15' from my tent.
MM410 GPS: 34.37539, -118.02223

PCT Frogs Habitat To Burn Area 2035 PCT Frogs Habitat To Burn Area 2046
I really liked these red flowers. There's no plant, just a bud like an artichoke. I think they are called Snow Flowers.

PCT Frogs Habitat To Burn Area 2042 PCT Frogs Habitat To Burn Area 2043
The little blue flower above left and previous row right were of interest the hikers and their dogs on the right. It's interesting to meet day hikers way out trails in nowhere.

PCT Frogs Habitat To Burn Area 0323 PCT Frogs Habitat To Burn Area 0324
The nefarious poodle dog plant that sprouts up after fires and is poisonous like poison oak. It also stinks but has nice looking flowers later in the season.

PCT Frogs Habitat To Burn Area 2036
More views of the trail

PCT Frogs Habitat To Burn Area 2044 PCT Frogs Habitat To Burn Area 2049
Some pretty, some not so.

GPS: 34.37547 -118.022025

Thursday, April 16, 2015

PCT MM388 To MM394 Past Yellow Legged Frog Closure

Thursday: (04/16) On trail at 0650. The trail started with a 1500 climb up over a ridge then meandered along the edge of the mountains overlooking Littlerock and Palmdale. I had lunch by Cruthers Creek then started a 2500 for climb up over Burkhart Saddle then down the other side to meet the PCT at the North end of the Endangered Species closure. I hiked only 13 miles today by earned them all. Now I'm back on the real PCT camped by a creek at MM394. Elevation 5633 feet so hoping for warm again. Another climb out of here tomorrow.
MM394, GPS:34.36268, -117.89984

PCT Holcumb Creek Past Frogs  2020 PCT Holcumb Creek Past Frogs  2028
One of my rest stops with a grand view. On the right nice red snow flowers even with no snow.

PCT Holcumb Creek Past Frogs  2022 PCT Holcumb Creek Past Frogs  2024
More views of the trail, ever changing and the same.

PCT Holcumb Creek Past Frogs  2026 PCT Holcumb Creek Past Frogs  2031
These are some of the tame views. Many parts have steeper cross slopes.

GPS: 34.362682 -117.899908

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

PCT MM363 To MM388 Holcomb Creek

Wednesday: (04/15) Up early, did final loading of backpack. Off the breakfast at Evergreen Cafe,  chicken fried steak and eggs with a pancake. I didn't do it justice even though everything was good. Not much appetite. Possibly because of my cold that's getting worse. The owner of the motel gave me a lift to the trailhead for $10. The icy wind was blowing hard. I had to put on my thermal top and sun gloves to be comfortable. I almost had to change to my real cold weather gloves. At Vincent Gap MM374 I chose to take the Manzanita trail around My Baden Powell rather than up it on the PCT. Too much wind today, and snow on the ground up there. I rejoined the PCT, effectively, at South Fork Campground where the PCT has been rerouted due to a closure for a protected toad species. I'm camped at mile 7.5 of 20 miles on the Endangered Species Bypass trail,about equivalent to MM388 on the PCT. I stopped at 1730  because of a nice campsite at Holcomb Creek. I'm at 4500 feet so I'm hoping it's warmer here.

PCT Wrightwood To Holcumb Creek 2010
The trail.

PCT Wrightwood To Holcumb Creek 0318 PCT Wrightwood To Holcumb Creek 0319
My camp at Holcumb creek.

GPS: 34.400672 -117.839463

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

PCT MM356 To MM363 Wrightwood

Tuesday: (04/14) Up for the nice sunrise and on trail at 0650. It was more up today. Most of the trail was through an older burn. The last four miles before I headed down to Wrightwood was nicely forested. At MM363 I took the Acorn trail down to town which was very steep. I'll rejoin the trail at MM369 where Highway 2 crosses the trail. I picked up my resupply box at the Post Office, stopped by next door at the hardware store to sign the trail register. I then got a cabin at the Pines Cabins. A good shower, then lunch at the Evergreen Cafe, a nice ortega chili burger. Since it was 1500 when I ate no dinner was needed. I did return later for a piece of their famous peanut butter pie.

PCT MM356 To MM363 Wrightwood

Tuesday: (04/14) Up for the nice sunrise and on trail at 0650. It was more up today. Most of the trail was through an older burn. The last four miles before I headed down to Wrightwood was nicely forested. At MM363 I took the Acorn trail down to town which was very steep. I'll rejoin the trail at MM369 where Highway 2 crosses the trail. I picked up my resupply box at the Post Office, stopped by next door at the hardware store to sign the trail register. I then got a cabin at the Pines Cabins. A good shower, then lunch at the Evergreen Cafe, a nice ortega chili burger. Since it was 1500 when I ate no dinner was needed. I did return later for a piece of their famous peanut butter pie.

PCT Road 3N31 To Wrightwood 2005 PCT Road 3N31 To Wrightwood 2008
Above left the LA smog can be seen as the low white above the ridge on the right. Some nice forest up here.

PCT Road 3N31 To Wrightwood 0314
My cabin at Pines Cabins in Wrightwood is right in the corner above.

Monday, April 13, 2015

PCT MM342 To MM356 Cajon Pass To Road 3N31

Monday: (04/13) Lou was up early to listen to the birds at the motel. We enjoyed breakfast at the motel. Really nice mini Belgian waffles. I was off to the trail at 0820 and Lou and Dawn hit the road to Bakersfield to Aunt Helen's. I made 14 miles stopping for the night at MM356 next to road 3N31. Nice breeze all day but now, this evening the gusts are very strong. I hope the tent stays put. Today I met Rebo, another Nobo hiker. Of course, I never saw him again with all my rest stops. I also saw a cute two foot green snake with a yellow stripe.

PCT Cajon Pass To Road 3N31 1991 PCT Cajon Pass To Road 3N31 0307
I'm ready to hit the trail from the motel at Cajon Pass. On the right is a train race down the grade.

PCT Cajon Pass To Road 3N31 1995 PCT Cajon Pass To Road 3N31 0308
Lots of flowers and lizards along the trail. The lizard on the right had quite a tail.

PCT Cajon Pass To Road 3N31 0310
A nice water cache a few miles u trail from Cajon Pass by a dirt road.

GPS: 34.311633 -117.579697

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Back To Cajon Pass

Sunday: (04/12) Granola for breakfast. We were on the road about 0830. Traffic was unusually heavy but moving very fast, which I followed and on occasion, led. We stopped for lunch in Bakersfield at the Golden Corral Buffet. We made it to our motel in Cajon Pass about 1730. Dinner at Del Taco.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Doing The Run Around

Tuesday: (04/07) I checked the weather for Wrightwood and see the rain and snow should be finished by today and by Friday the temperatures should be nice. So while I'm itching to get back there are a couple of things to do while I'm here. I have a dental appointment tomorrow. Lou and I made a shopping run. We're working on water conservation changes to use gray water for the yard.. Lou made corned beef hash for breakfast, we stopped at Sweet Tomatoes salad restaurant for lunch. Fruit salad for dinner.

Wednesday: (04/08) I visited a couple of REI stores to find a pair of sun gloves. While I was on the trail I noticed my sun protection was pretty good but my hands hadn't been addressed and they are always exposed holding on to my trekking poles. I couldn't locate replacement tips for my trekking poles so i ordered replacements from Amazon and should have them Friday. I also collected materials for gray water recycling. I installed a hose to move the sump discharge to the rear yard to water the lawn rather than have it flow to the street gutter. Also the RV shower now drains to the rear yard as well so we can get double use of our shower water. Enchiladas for breakfast. Beef soup for dinner with the Hackmans.

Thursday: (04/09) More enchiladas for breakfast. A dental appointment before lunch, Leftover beef soup for lunch. Material collecting in the afternoon. BBQ ribs for dinner.

Friday: (04/10) More of the same today. I made some progress on an outside shower that will help water the lawn. Choreizo scrambled eggs for breakfast. Dim Sum for lunch. Spaghetti for dinner.

Saturday: (04/11) Finished the water recycling projects today. Now our yard can stay green, at least our backyard, eve with the required cutbacks. Spaghetti for breakfast. Chili sizes for lunch, my favorite lunch. Ham, dirty rice, vegetable medley for dinner. In the evening I prepared my pack to return to the trail tomorrow.

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Long Drive Home

Monday: (04/06) Ernie arrived last night and got to enjoy a dinner from Del Taco. We had breakfast at the motel in the morning then headed up to Wrightwood to get my package from the Post Office. We then headed off with a stop for lunch in Tehachapi  at The Shed restaurant. Dinner in Gilroy at the Longhorn Restaurant and home before it got dark. Nice to be home. Now to get a few things done while I'm here.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

PCT MM342 A Break Is Called

Sunday: (04/05) A nice motel breakfast with Haiku, Marmot, Tattoo Dave, and another. The coming storm was the topic. I had planned on leaving this morning to continue on to Wrightwood, my next resupply and break. But unlike my normal decisions, I decided to avoid walking into a snow storm and even more snow at the higher elevations. I'd prefer to avoid 26 degree nights. In fact, I may rethink my section order. I may do further North of these snowy mountains then return to the mountains later. I may even reverse some directions. Time for a new plan. Lunch at my new source of sustenance, Del Taco, because it's the closest of the three fast food or any food sources here at Cajon Pass. Likewise, dinner. My brother Ernie is on the way and we'll return home tomorrow.

GPS: 34.312835 -117.478052

Saturday, April 4, 2015

PCT MM328 To MM342 Cajon Pass

PCT Mojave River Valley 1974 PCT Mojave River Valley 1978
Saturday: (04/04) On trail at 0800. Today's hike continued along the Mojave River, around Silverwood Reservoir through Silverwood State Park, and to Cajon Pass over 24 miles, and my feet noticed. I met a little horned toad along the trail.

PCT Silverwood Lake SP 1985 PCT Silverwood Lake SP Yellow Flowers 1989
Silverwood lake is rather large and took a long time to hike around the perimeter. From the lake the trail led up another mountain. It was dark as I arrived at the tp and started down toward the pass. The trail passed through what was probably and interesting area. It came down 1500 feet along some knife edge ridge trail sections. Lots of fun in the dark with 40 mph winds.

I arrived at 2145 at the Best Western Motel which has a PCT hiker discount. No great dining nearby just McDonald's, Subway and Del Taco where I had dinner. I did my wash since I'm here even though it'd on two days or 27 miles and 5000 feet to my next break in Wrightwood. The last four miles would have been interesting viewing in daylight, sort of hiking into the Grade Canyon but just 1500' down along the cliff edge and along rim trail. I may have to hike it again some time in daylight. MM342 plus one mile off trail to motel.

Friday, April 3, 2015

PCT MM301 To MM318 Mojave River

Friday: (04/03) Up at 0630, on trail 0730. After a couple of miles I met a SB hiker to the Kickoff meet later this month. His trailname was Perogee.  A little later Marmot caught up. He had left the Hostel in the afternoon after me.

PCT Deep Creek Fuzzy Stemmed Flower 1952
I found this flower interesting. A fuzzy plant with flowers that look like pop corn before turning in to a nice little white flower.

PCT Deep Creek 1957 PCT Deep Creek Hot Springs 1961
Most of the day was hiking along Deep Creek canyon. It's really nice and I'm glad I didn't do any night hiking last night. Along the way is a nice hot springs. I decided not take advantage of it this time. I saw a 5' king snake on the trail as I left the hot spring.

PCT Deep Creek Painted Bridge 1968 PCT Deep Creek 1969
Above left is a nice bridge across the creek. The trail led to the end of the canyon at the Mojave dam (above right). It's difficult to determine the direction it is intended to store water on. Both up stream and down stream look the same with ranches and houses.

It then ran along the edge of the mountains heading toward Cajon Pass. I stopped at 1830 at a flat spot by the trail at MM317.5.

GPS: 34.316428 -117.262917

Thursday, April 2, 2015

PCT MM286 To MM301 Bacon Flats

Thursday: (04/02) Up at 0700 but it was cold so I wasn't moving. For the first time my tent had condensation but it appeared as ice flakes not liquid. I finally was on the trail at 0900. I was surprised to pass Haiku, the hiker that started with me at Highway 18. I hadn't seen him since the start. He was breaking camp.

PCT Holcum Creek Area 1925 PCT MM286 To MM301 1932
I passed a couple of small springs and through some interesting landscapes.

PCT Deep Creek Bridge Area 0292 PCT MM301 Campsite 0294
I didn't see him again until Deep Creek just before I stopped for the day at 1900. He planned on some night hiking. I think this canyon that Deep Creek is in is too good to not see unlike the burned area I hiked through last night. It turns out Haiku is from Monterey and is a member of my hiking group but hasn't done anything with the group yet. I had dinner by Deep Creek near Splinters Cabin picnic area then hiked on a couple of miles to MM301 to camp. Now at 4300'. Later Colonel Tom Parker and his dog Bob Dylan said hello and camped nearby. In the morning Bob joined me for breakfast. I often have salami and a granola bar. He sat in front of me so I ask if he could have a bit. The colonel said yes do I bit off a chunk and tossed it to him. He then ran off to his own camp all happy and never bothered me the rest of my breakfast.

GPS: 34.299113 -117.124858

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

PCT MM26 To MM286 Little Bear Spring

Wednesday: (04/01) Up at 0700. I did some packing of the pack then went to the Teddy Bear Restaurant for a final visit. A nice Ortega chili omelet. Then I returned to the hostel, did the final packing, did my hostel housekeeping, and put on the now really heavy pack and walked to the bus stop. I had a ten minute wait for the bus. The bus dropped me by the Big Bear City PO. I then walked one half mile across the valley to highway 18. At that point every car is going up to where I need to go rather than likely just running about town. Within 10 minutes I got picked up and arrived at the trailhead 5 miles from town at 0941. A moment latter one of the other hikers at the Hostel arrived too. He had started his travels before I went to breakfast having to wait two hours for his ride waiting in town. I made a final call to Lou before hitting the trail at 1000.

PCT MM26 To MM286 Little Bear Spring 1913 PCT MM26 To MM286 Little Bear Spring 0287
Some nice and some rotten trail. I hate the loose rocks slide areas like on the right above.

PCT Breakfast Salami 0290 PCT MM26 To MM286 Big Bear Lake 1919
Above left is one of my salami logs. In this case it was part of lunch but usually is part of breakfasts. The trail follows the ridge North of the Big Bear Valley so I did a lot of walking but was often still overlooking the town.   Above right is a view of the Big Bear Village across the lake where I stayed.

I made 20 miles by doing an hour and a half night hiking after my dinner. Stopped at MM286 at the Little Bear Spring Trail Camp. There was a nice moon to help the night hiking. Now down to 6600' so hopefully no freeze tonight.

GPS: 34.301377 -116.97753