Saturday, February 26, 2005


It looks like rain in San Jose through Wednesday. Don went to Bakersfield to see his ailing Uncle Doug. Stopped for dinner at Harris Ranch near Coalinga. They have the worlds best chicken fried steak so that was dinner. Staying at the Wal-Mart Astoria Hotel (Wal-Marts) in Bakersfield.
Visiting relatives and the hospital to see Uncle Doug.
In some spare moments Don got the cable for the solar panels from the utility compartment to the roof. It would have been easier if the RV wasn't built backwards with the kitchen on the left. The cable needed to go up on the right side and therefore ended up going down along side the commode vent pipe. Normally it would go down the refrigerator vent but that would have made the run more than 10' longer and minimum cable length improves efficiency so the short route was used even though it was a lot harder to get through.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Of Mice And Men

Typical day. Don rises, sees Lou off to work. Vacuums house. Prepares to go to work on the fence in San Jose. Meets Mr Milo at the door. Mr Milo insists on taking a walk. (Mr Milo can't go outside except on a leash) Mr Milo enjoyed a nice walk around the front yard then the backyard. Don picked up a Palo Alto Daily newspaper (soon to be just another Mercury News like drone since Knight Ritter bought it last week). "Hey Mr Milo, it's almost lunch time, you have to go in." Don finally hits the road, had lunch on the way. Hung the new gates and installed the lock.
Wow, already dinner time. Met Lou and Dawn for dinner at Super Taqueria.
We all went to a play at San Jose State University next door. "Of Mice And Men" a Steinbeck Novella/Play. It was excellent! We've seen several plays there over the past few years and this may have been the best production yet. Excellent acting and good staging. After the play there was a question and answer period with the actors and a representative of the John Steinbech Center in Salinas.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade

Lou and Don went up to San Francisco today for the Chinese New Years Parade. We drove up to Millbrae, caught BART into San Francisco. We met Lou's sister Kathy, Lou's niece Renee, Renee's Husband Danny, their daughter Ashley and son Justin who had ridden Amtrak up from Fresno. We had a nice lunch at the Ferry Building Farmers Market.

We all rode the cable car to Fisherman's Wharf and then the bus back to the parade because the cable cars had stopped because of the parade.

The parade was nice, the rain wasn't. This is a long 2 hour parade. Nice floats.

Lots of lions.
We left them at their hotel and headed home. Long day! Tomorrow Lou Dawn and I will go down to Monterey for the day. Busy. Busy.

Friday, February 18, 2005


Not like Zorro, mostly poking holes in the ground and patching together former tree parts.
02/15 Tuesday: It's been rainy the last few days. I've been working on the fence project. I got all the material and got the new gate post in before the rain really got going. Rainy days are nice because I can have a good excuse for staying indoors and playing.
02/18 Friday: I got one of the driveway gates built and hung. It's been raining enough that I haven't spent much time this week working on the fence.