Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Cool Days and Cool Sound

Wednesday: (09/28) Breakfast at Jack In The Box, a nice Loaded Breakfast Sandwich. I was off for a 1000 appointment at the Hyundai dealer for service. It took about three hours to complete and I waited in the waiting room attended a webinar, watched training videos and tinkered on the computer. On the way home I needed lunch so planned to stop at Dim Sum King in Sunnyvale. It so happens that Lou’s Indian Market is next door. We try to minimize car trips so I was given a shopping list to pick up some things at the market. I needed a shopping bag and got one out of the trunk. I found some keys in the bag that belonged in the console so I opened the console and threw the keys inside then locked the car. The dongle doesn’t work to lock the car so I had to press the button on the door. When I was putting my keys back in my pocket I noticed I had the keys that belonged in the console in my hand and the keys to the car must, therefore, be in the car. They were. I called Lou to come and rescue me and went to get lunch instead of shopping. This is what happens when you don’t follow the rules and look at the keys in your hand before locking the car. Today was much cooler than recent days. Lou made salmon with rice and artichokes for dinner.

Thursday: (09/29) A nice relaxing morning in the yard followed by a late breakfast. Lou prepared peach blintzes and sausage. I spent much on the rest of the day installing the new radio in the RV. I had to stand on my head to get under the dash to connect a wire to the parking brake switch. It’s needed to enable the DVD player video to work only when stopped. I couldn’t get the wire for the backup lights that switch the rear view camera on. I know where it is but it’s in the overhead compartment where the old monitor is and needs to be in the dash now. I also need to get the video signal from the camera to the radio as well. Something for the future. The radio works, the DVD layer works and the Bluetooth phone and music work. Quite an upgrade for $130. Tacos for a very late lunch. Cheesecake for dinner.

Friday: (09/30) Great day for a hike with my San Jose Mid-Week Hikers Group.. We hiked 7.71 miless, with an average speed of 2.26 mph in 03 hours 25 minutes. Overall elevation change of 616 feet with 1903 feet of climb. Here is my track for today's hike:
Must have tried a selfie before or after the hike? On the right is the group about 3/4 through the hike taking a short rest.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cool Walk On A Hot Day, Tarwater Loop

Tuesday: (09/27) Breakfast from L&L Hawaiian, my usual sausage egg and cheese English muffin and a maple bar. I took the little car and headed up the mountain to the trailhead meeting location. This is my first adventure out in the car and I was halfway there at Hwy 280 and Page Mill Road when I noticed the gas tank was empty with the warning light on. 3.5 miles back to the nearest gas station, 7 miles up the mountain to the trailhead. Since I was leading this hike I had to continue up to be on time and did. I met my fellow hikers and we carpooled the last 7 miles to the actual trailhead for the hike. Even though it was 80 degrees to start and 91 degrees on our return, it never seemed hot and I didn’t even work up a sweat like I usually do? I had 12 fellow hikers for this hike and all made it back with me. None lost. I was able to make it all the way back to El Camino Real before the gas gauge started flashing telling me it really needed some gas. It has a 10-gallon tank and took 9.999 gallons. at the station. I prepared lunch and threw my clothes in the washing machine and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon outside. The thermometer in front of Ernie’s trailer indicated 120+ degrees but again probably a lie. When the sun wasn’t shining directly on it read only 85 degrees at 1530. I had a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou and Dawn went to The Corner Bakery for a salad for lunch. Otherwise, they were cleaning house today. BBQ ribs with asparagus for dinner.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Back Home

Wednesday: (09/21) It started raining about 0200 and continued through the morning. I decided to leave. During a lull in the rain, I readied the RV to roll. I departed camp about 0915. I drove over the Historic estate's site near the camp. it was raining pretty good so I decided to come back another time. I headed out of town at 0930. I was home about 1500. Lou and Dawn were already home and busy with appointments. Banana and some blueberry muffin stuff for breakfast. Lunch at Xochimilco Cafe, a great Mexican restaurant in downtown Stockton, Ca. Nice beef enchilada and chili relleno. Lou made a pot roast with green beans and baked potatoes for dinner.

Thursday: (09/22) Lou made her portobello mushroom and ham eggs for breakfast. We drove over to Santa Cruz for the day. Dinner at 99 Bottles Of beer Restaurant. In the evening, and the reason we came over, we attended authors talk at the Santa Cruz Book Store. Craig Johnson, the author of the Longmire series of books and basis of the Longmire TV series, was the speaker. A very funny guy and a great speaker.

Friday: (09/23) Breakfast at Bill’s Cafe in Midtown. Cecelia joined us. I was then off to the Jeep dealer for an oil change. It isn't like Jiffy Lube and took 2.5 hours. Free but untimely. I shopped around nearby. On the way home I had Dim Sum for lunch. I made grilled Gouda cheese pastrami sandwiches for dinner. In the evening we started another binge viewing of the new Longmire TV season that was released tonight by Netflix.

Saturday: (09/24) I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. I received the new radio for the motorhome and opened the box and read the installation manual. I know, odd isn’t it. I opened the dash and removed the old radio and looked at the wiring. it’s too hot today to be in the RV doing this kind of work. Should be cooler in a day or two. High 90′s today and tomorrow. A nice roast beef and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou and Dawn were away all day with rummage sales and a party. In the late afternoon, I got the welder out and made a bar with hooks to hang some baskets from the swing. Dinner at Mi Pueblo Market in East Palo Alto. Dawn and I shared a torta Cubano and Lou had beef ribs.
Plant hanger bar added to swing.

Sunday: (09/25) Leftover hash for breakfast. Another hot day. I puttered in the yard all morning preparing the hanging baskets, pruning the wisteria and other details lie relaxing. A ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou and Dawn were out to a book sale. I finally came inside about 1400. We binged on some more Longmire episodes. Lou made chili baked potatoes for dinner.

Monday: (09/26) Lou and I were off to do some grocery shopping first thing. Another hot day so I considered it a do nothing day and successfully did nothing. Lou and Dawn did a Costco run in the afternoon. Finished the current Longmire series today as well. Later granola for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou’s smoked corned beef with a green salad and baked beans for dinner.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Last Mile To Highway 50

Tuesday: (09/20) Granola for breakfast. We were off to Echo Lake so I could complete the last mile to Highway 50. I skipped this a couple of days ago because it was late and Lou and Dawn were waiting for dinner. It only took about 3o minutes to get to the highway. Lou and Dawn enjoyed watching things at the lake before picking me up. We returned and Lou and Dawn finished packing up their things in the Jeep and took showers and were ready to return home for appointments. I will remain here since we had already paid for two more days. Before they left we went to Round Table Pizza for their lunch buffet. Very good! They were off about 1230. I remained home the rest of the day and tinkered on the computer. If I want to go someplace it will involve some walking. The trolley is not running by the park so it’s a minimum 3-mile walk to the bus station. I’ll probably do that tomorrow. Lou and Dawn were home by 1800.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Lake Tahoe, Camp Richaardson

Monday: (09/19) Lou and I got up at 0530 to listen to some owls hooting in the campground. She made portobello mushrooms topped with eggs and sausage for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were off on the town looking and a bookstore and? I relaxed at camp. I took a walk to the nearby logging operation to watch the log loading. Exciting! When Lou returned we took the RV down and dumped the holding tanks. We then drove out to Emerald Bay to look at the only island in Lake Tahoe, Fannette Island and at Vikingsholm, a grand old house. Lou and Dawn took a shortcut back up to the parking area and it turned out to be twice as long and more of a climb. We had dinner at Brothers Burrito house. Very good burritos and bowls.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

PCT Hike, MM1108 To MM1092, Aloha Lake

PCT MM1108 To MM1092 Lake Fontonillis 0918160712_HDR
Sunday: (09/18) Above is the morning view from my camp at Fontanillis lake
PCT MM1108 To MM1092 Lake Fontonillis  0918160720_Pano
A panorama view of Fontanillis Lake.
PCT MM1108 To MM1092 Lake Fontonillis  0918160720_HDR PCT MM1108 To MM1092 Lake Fontonillis  0918160720a_HDR
More Fontanillis Lake. Such calm water and great lighting.
PCT MM1108 To MM1092 Interesting Twisted Stump  0918160722
I just liked the swirl in this stump by the trail.
PCT MM1108 To MM1092 Dick's Lake  0918160805_Pano
Long climb to start my day up to Dick’s Pass.
PCT MM1108 To MM1092 Dick's Pass 0918160921_Pano
Great view from there. I had cell signal so made a Facebook post and a call to Lou.
PCT MM1108 To MM1092 Suzie and Aloha Lakes 0918160923 PCT MM1108 To MM1092 Heather Lake 0918161039
There were several lakes spread out in a couple of valleys below.
PCT MM1108 To MM1092 Outlet Waterfall Of Suzie Lake 0918161217a PCT MM1108 To MM1092 Heather Lake 0918161254
Little did I know I’d walk past all of them on my way out. Above left is where i took a break by the outlet to Lake Suzie. Heather lake is on the right. The trail clings to the side of the mountain on a rock slide.
PCT MM1108 To MM1092 Flowers 0918161302b PCT MM1108 To MM1092 Heather Lake 0918161302c
I’ve seen the flowers above left several times but never more the 1-6 blossoms on a isolated plants. This area had lots of them. Above right is Heather Lake and it’s island.
PCT MM1108 To MM1092 Aloha Lake 0918161333_Pano
Aloha lake
PCT MM1108 To MM1092 Aloha Lake 0918161343
Aloha lake, a really big lake with lots of islands.
PCT MM1108 To MM1092 0918161547_Pano
Getting down to Echo lake was a long haul on a rough trail. It was, at least, almost entirely downhill. I arrived at Echo Lake, MM1092, at 1800 just as Lou called to say she was at Highway 50, about 1.5 miles further. I suggested she just pick me up at  the lake and I’d do the last 1.5 miles in a day or two and slack pack that section while they enjoy the lake. We had planned dinner out and it might be too late otherwise. Dinner at Raley’s market where I enjoyed their chicken dinner again. A nice shower topped off my day.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

PCT Hike, MM1127 To MM1108, Desolation Wilderness

PCT MM1127 To MM1108 Boy Scout Troop 0917160650 PCT MM1127 To MM1108 North Of Barker Pass 0917160815
Saturday: (09/17) Up before the scouts (above left), on trail at 0725. Enjoyed a table for brunch at Barkers Pass. Met a member of Tahoe Rim Trail Association who was there to resupply a group of their hikers. I met their 19 Hikers a couple miles down trail.
PCT MM1127 To MM1108 Richardson Lake 0917161239_HDR
Jim a trail runner caught up to me at Lake Richardson (above left), about 7 miles from Barker Pass. He mentioned there was a hiker behind me doing the southern half of the PCT. Shortly, I enjoyed a break as Cookie caught up to me. I greeted her with “you must be the half section hiker.”  We discussed the hike, comparing notes. She eventually asked how I knew about her hike. I explained the trail telegraph told me, Jim the runner.
PCT MM1127 To MM1108 Lake Fontanillis 0917161901 PCT MM1127 To MM1108 Lake Fontanillis Campsite  0917161931
Huckleberry and Macro from Mill Valley and another hiker passed me a mile before my destination at Fontanillis Lake (above left). Nice campsite at MM1108 but a bear to find and get to because it was located up in the boulders. I had to scramble up the rocks and boulders to it. Completed 19 miles today. 18 miles to go.

Friday, September 16, 2016

PCT Hike, MM1144 To MM1127, North Blackwood Creek

PCT MM1144 To MM1127 Tinker's Knob South View 0916160725 PCT MM1144 To MM1127 Tinker's Knob South View 0916160822
Friday: (09/16) Tinkers Knob above left was just to the North of my campsite.
PCT MM1144 To MM1127 Alpine Meadows Ski Area 0916161029 PCT MM1144 To MM1127 0916161140
Some nice views from the ridge above several ski areas. i really liked the colorful slope on the right above.
PCT MM1144 To MM1127 0916161141_Pano
Same spot as the above photo in panorama view.
PCT MM1144 To MM1127 0916161504_Pano
Some bleak trail areas.
PCT MM1144 To MM1127 0916161555_Pano
Same bleak, different color.
PCT MM1144 To MM1127 0916161555
Nice views of Lake Tahoe too. Great weather, not as cold as I expected. Fortunately I arrived at my campsite before a Boy Scout troop did. While they were noisy on the trail and setting up their tents, by 8pm they were almost unnoticeable. I camped at MM1127, North Fork of Blackwood Creek. 17 miles today.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

PCT Hike, MM1157 To MM1144, Hwy 80 SB

PCT MM1157 To MM1144 Don Ready To Go  0915160958
Thursday: (09/15) Up early, threw the pack in the car and headed off toward Truckee. Hwy 89, the road on the West side of the lake, was closed for construction so we took Hwy 50 to Hwy 28 to Hwy 267 and arrived in Truckee, the long way. We had breakfast at the Wagon Wheel cafe downtown.
PCT MM1157 To MM1144 Donner Lake 0915161056 PCT MM1157 To MM1144 0915161539
I was dropped off at the trailhead, MM1157, at 1000. Donner lake on the left above. Nice weather all day.
PCT MM1157 To MM1144 0915161628b PCT MM1157 To MM1144 0915161733
Som really rocky trail sections. Much of the trail was on exposed mountain ridges.
PCT MM1157 To MM1144 Campsite South Of Tinkers Knob 0915161901
I stopped at MM1144 for the night South of Tinkers Knob, 12 miles today. A couple was already camped there. They also started this morning at Hwy 80. Their first outing. The pointed me to my nice campsite which they found after they had setup their camp. The water source where the stream crossed the trail just before camp was interesting because of the millions of little black caterpillars by the stream.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Camp Richardson, At Lake Tahoe

Tuesday: (09/13) Bread pudding for breakfast. We spent quite a while finishing up preparing to leave. We left the house about 1330 and decided to go to Chili’s restaurant for lunch before we left so drove the motorhome towing the jeep to Mountain View’s Chili’s. Dawn and I had their special $10 lunch which included a hamburger, green salad, french fries, and lava cake with ice cream. Lou had soup. Amazing. After our nice lunch we were on the road at 1430. Traffic was heavy and came to a near standstill at I5. We jumped over to Hwy 99 then North to Hwy 88. We figured traffic would remain bad all the way through Sacramento so we just avoided the town. No traffic on either. Highway 88 heads all the way to near Lake Tahoe with a short 11 mile connection via Hwy 89 over to Hwy 50 at South Lake Tahoe. The only problem is that it climbs up another 2000 feet then back down to Lake Tahoe. our poor motorhome still has a problem with power and couldn’t make the last mile to the top so we had to disconnect the jeep for the rest of the trip into town. We had dinner along the way beside the road.
Camp Richardson SP 0914160909
We pulled into Camp Richardson about 2200 and quickly parked and went to bed. Setup tomorrow. A bit of leveling will be needed.
Wednesday: (09/14) I took Lou and Dawn by Keye’s Cafe for breakfast. That’s where I had breakfast a few days ago when I was here. Nice place. Then we toured the area and visited a slew of thrift stores. We had a late lunch at Chevy’s Restaurant along the way. More thrift stores then on home for a nap. Then it was time to position the RV and level it as best possible. Lou served salmon with a fruit salad and leftover rice and beans from lunch.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Catching Up At Home

Thursday: (09/08)  Lou made pear and honey waffles for breakfast. Green salad for lunch. I relaxed and worked on photos, Facebook posts and my blog all day. I made corned beef hash and eggs for dinner.
Friday: (09/09) In the morning we were gardening outside. Breakfast at Stacks in Redwood City. They have gluten free pancakes and waffles for Lou. I enjoyed a nice Southwest chorizo burrito breakfast. Lou had a banana waffle and Dawn had a blueberry pancake. After that they visited a thrift store as I browsed grocery outlet. this was followed by a visit to Barnes and nobles bookstore. From there we stopped by Stanford hospital and Lou and Dawn visited a friend there, I explored the shopping center next door. Tinkering at home occupied the rest of the afternoon. Lou made carrot soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner as i dashed off the Sprout’s Market for some new water bottles. vegetables and bread.
Car Rack 0910161831a
Saturday: (09/10) I had leftover corned beef hash with eggs and Lou and Dawn leftover waffles for breakfast. We tinkered in the yard much of the morning. Lou and Dawn were then off to a flea market and to visit a friend in the hospital. I installed the car rooftop bars onto the Hyundai car that I received a week or two ago. Installed easily and look nice. I just hope the gas mileage isn’t affected too much. I had chili for lunch. Luu Noodles house for dinner.
Sunday: (09/11) Lou and I did some grocery shopping  before breakfast. PBJ toast for breakfast. I spent some time in the yard trimming the berry vines by the garden fence. I also checked the sprinkler controller and confirmed it doesn’t work. Have to fix that sometime.Olive loaf and cheese sandwich for lunch. Sausage with pasta and salad for dinner. Otherwise relaxed today.
Monday: (09/12) Granola for breakfast. I spent the dy preparing to go. Changed water in fresh water tank, loaded drinking water bottles with filtered water from house. Washed windshield. Put things away. Installed the XM radio with it’s new base. The old one broke. I still need a power supply for it, the old one is different? Loaded my clothes for an extended trip. Loaded my back pack for the last PCT section this week. Put the tow bar back on Jeep. Sausage and cheese sandwich for lunch. Cauliflower casserole with sausage and corn on the cob for dinner.