Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Office Setup

I've setup my office in the RV. I've been looking for a good, small printer to install in the dash where the TV was. I found the Brother MFC-420cn, a multifunction scanner, fax, copier, and printer. It's a color inkjet printer and it includes a document feeder for the scanner. It also has USB and Ethernet ports. I connected the Ethernet port to the RV's network hub so it can be shared. All this for $149. Wow!

I wanted to build it into the dash behind the TV/Monitor but I haven't had enough ambition yet. I did build a box to hold it temporarily and I'm thinking it may be a better idea. I'll try it for a while. I can always use the dash area for more storage.
The box provides protection for the printer and some storage area for all the other stuff you may need like sun glasses, camera, note pads and maps.
The top lifts off when you want to make a copy. The top is a good place for the laptop when using the drivers seat.

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