Friday, April 1, 2005

Home Again

Arrived home in Palo Alto last night.

The arbor wisteria is in full bloom. Wow!
When I disconnected the Toad last night, I couldn't get the Remco driveline disconnect to connect so we just parked it for the night. In the morning, I looked underneath and decided the cable sheath had come loose from the holding clamp so it didn't apply any force to engage the disconnect. I crawled under and wrapped some wire around the sheath and reinstalled the clamp. It now works like it should have all along. We often had to roll the car around to get it engaged. Sometimes it took a lot of rolling. Now it snaps right in with just a slight roll to mesh the cogs. I intended to adjust it sometime but necessity forced this to the top of the list. It's probably been loose from day one. I had the Remco disconnect installed but I don't blame the installer. It looks like the clamp wasn't sized appropriately.
More about the Remco Installation on our toad.

The new solar panels trying out the Palo Alto sun.
More about the solar panels may be found in the Electrical System Article.

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