Friday, August 17, 2007

Westport - Union Landing SP, Ca

We left Prairie Creek Redwoods SP shortly after 8am. We stopped fro breakfast at Trinidad Eatery. We started with a shared black berry cobbler and topped that off with a couple of breakfasts. Mine had peppers that were the hottest I've tried to eat. We ended u with lots of left overs.

We then went back to the fairgrounds to see the cats. I raised the dish an handled some email while they went to see the cats. The cats wouldn't have anything to do with them. Lou figures they were mad at them for leaving.

We then got gas in the RV and went by the Alternative Building Center to look at some interesting thing done with food products changed to building products. It's harder to be allergic to food than chemicals.

Our next stop was Loleta to visi the Loleta Cheese Factory. We stocked up on cheese and had lunch of spaghetti.

Next stop was the Bear Creek Casino just down the road at Highway 101 as you're leaving Loleta. They were lucky there on the last visit and had to try again. I put the dish up again and handled some more email. They weren't as lucky this time.

Next stop Fortuna. Dawn wanted to look at a video store there and I needed to get LPG. With both missions accomplished, we were on the road.

We headed South to Legget and turned onto Highway 1. There's some good grades and curves on this road getting to the coast but the coast is a nice place to visit so off we go.

We pulled in to Westport-Union Landing SP as it was getting dark. We looked through three campground sections, all full, before finding lots of room and a perfect site at the fourth. This campground wasn't open and was in ruins on our last visit here. It is pretty much a mowed grass field with fire rings and tables added along with pit toilets but there was enough room for us to just pull through our site so we didn't have to unhook the towed car.

Breakfast was leftovers from yesterday with some added cheese and some bratwurst sausages cooked the other night.

On our morning stroll along the trail we spotted this vulture looking out over the beach.

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