Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bakersfield, Ca At Helen’s

Tuesday: We came over to Bakersfield to Helen's for Uncle Doug's wake. We'll be here until Saturday Morning.

Wednesday: We were up early and all worked on cleaning up Helen's RV for her trip to Pismo Beach Saturday. Actually, the outside has detailed by Helen's son Jay already. I worked on cleaning out all the compartments while Lou and Helen did th inside. Helen just needs to load th fridge now and she can be off. Actually she doesn't yet drive the RV, Doug did, but she's going to learn. Her friend Darwin is going to do the training.

Thursday, Helen and her son will take the RV over to a spot at Pismo and then return. After Doug's wake Friday, he will take his own trailer and family over. Helen will follow Saturday and we will head on to Fresno then. Helen, her son and his family will stay in Pismo for the week.

Lou and Dawn are off to an afternoon at the thrift stores here in Bakersfield.

Thursday: First thing on the todo list was to fix a leaky faucet in the front patio. Then it was back yard cleanup day. I pruned back two huge bougainvillea trees to a stump.. They had been frozen back and were quite ugly. I also pruned back some kind of fern like bush that had just become too big. All these plants had vicious thorns so the going was rough and my arms and hands show a little wear. When I finished removing these bushes, I raked the flower bed. With this accomplished I had filled three 40 gallon green waste bins. I then decided how to approach pruning the honeysuckle that grows on the top of the block brick wall. I decided to just shape it a little. That filled a fourth barrel. Mission accomplished. About 2 pm, we took a break and went over to the Ranch Market for breakfast. I had my usual torta Cubana, Dawn had yogurt and Lou had a shrimp cocktail.

Lou and Dawn hit some more thrift stores in the afternoon.

Ernie arrived about 8pm and we all walked over to Marie Callendar's for desert while Ernie had dinner.

Friday: We all went to breakfast at Carrow's.

Doug's Wake.JPG
A little before noon we all went over to Helen's church for Doug's wake. The church served a nice luncheon to all those who attended, about 75 people. Maryjane prepared a very nice slide show of scanned photos of Doug from babe to very recent photos. Afterword, some family dropped by Helen's to chat.

I had one more thing on my todo list, to level the washer. This was the easiest task of this visit.

Helen left for Pismo Beach at about 5:30 so we pulled out as well but only to moved over to Walmart's for the night. We met Ernie for a lite dinner about 7pm a Marie Callendar's again.

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