Friday, May 16, 2008

Pismo Beach, North Campground

Thursday: We took highway 166 then up highway 101 to Pismo Beach. It was getting hot in Bakersfield and we were looking forward to the cooler, we hope, beach. We returned to our favorite campground, North Campground of Pismo Beach State Park. All our favorite sites were taken at the campground and it was a little crowded in the better areas so we ventured out into new territory and found a nice site closer to the highway. After initial setup, we walked downtown to have fish and chips at the Pismo Fish And Chips restaurant, our usual stop. We then returned to relax a bit before we went up to San Luis Obispo for the Farmers Market, a must see every Thursday evening. It was a bit warm there. Kenzie found that one of here favorite bookstores is closing so she made a special inspection. We picked up some bread at the Bread Of Life shop and a small pie at one of the vendors.
Campsite at pismo beach.JPG Ice Plant Flower.JPG
Friday: Breakfast was the little apple pie we picked up last night. The 6” pie is just right for the three of us. I haven't been able to get Internet at this site. No problem with obstructions nor with connecting to the satellite, just no Internet. Sometimes that's the way things are?

Lou and Kenzie were starting a walk to the beach when Lou noticed that a campsite was being vacated along the beach side that we like, so I moved us into it. The neighbors are further away and we front on a grassy field with the beach beyond past a small grove of trees. Nice!

I raised the dish and surprise, connected to the Internet immediately. Nice! I needed to be quite anyway since two ducks came up and closed their eyes for a duck nap right outside the RV steps. Can't disturb the critters.

Lou and Kenzie are out looking at the thrift shops. Surprise! They want to get that done because it's supposed to be hot today and the shops are inland so will be even more hot.

I fixed a pot of saurkrught, potatoes and pork chops and sausage. It was ready in a few minutes using the pressure cooker. We enjoyed the pork chops and have lots of left overs for another meal.

Saturday: Lou an Kenzie went out to see a swap meet in SLO but it wasn't open. Only open Sunday. After they returned, Lou fixed a nice breakfast of the left over potatoes and saurkraught and sausage. Ummm! We then took a long walk on the beach. When we returned, we packed up and departed about 11:30. We made another camper very happy since they got to move from a site near the entrance to one of the better sites. Too bad we couldn't have stayed longer.

We hit the road North toward home, the final leg of this trip. We stopped for a walk and lunch at the rest stop 30 miles North of Paso Robles. The trip home was uneventful though the wind was a bid gusty. The dash air conditioner was able to keep up with the heat.We made a final stop in Gilroy at Walmart's. I filled up with gas while Lou and Kenzie stretched in the cool inside the store. This may be the last chance to pay less than $4 a gallon? It was $3.97.

Interesting toy hanging on the rear of a fellow campers rig.JPG
This RVer likes his toys. He brought his light parasail plane. it might look like it crashed into the rear of his RV

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