Monday, January 26, 2009

Quartzsite, Az, Week 3

Monday: (01/26) Lou fixed pancakes for breakfast. Lou and Dawn went over to the Post Office and surrounding area this morning. I browsed at the one RV Dealer I hadn't yet visited. Nothing special. We then met up and stopped by the used bike dealer. They have a 4 wheeler bike like ours and we wanted to buy a motor for ours so wanted to see how it would fit. The dealer was breaking his camp up to depart but still selling stuff. We explained our need but at his advise delayed buying the motor until we can take pictures of our bike so he can make the mount fit exactly. It should be nice to have another "car". It should also allow Dawn to Drive.

Lou and Dawn were then off to Bingo while I stopped by Satellite Advantage to make an appointment to get my system upgraded, finally. It will be done Friday which coincides with our next visit to the dump. One move of the coach to do both.

I fixed another big pot of spaghetti for dinner. We listened to an audio tape of "The Center Of Everything" by Laura Moriarty this evening.

Tuesday: (01/27) We listened to more of the audio tape in the morning. When we did get going, we dropped Dawn off at the Readers Oasis Book Store and Lou and I took care of important business, bought fire wood, had keys made, looked at RV's and RV lots, etc.

For lunch, we stopped by the Palo Verde Restaurant on Central. I had some pretty good fish and chips while Lou and Dawn shared a blue cheese burger all followed by pie for desert.

It certainly has cooled of the past couple of days and thee wind has picked up. I toughed it out yesterday and remained in my shorts and tee shirt but today I gave in and wore long pants and my flannel shirt.

Lou and Dawn went over to the QIA to see Kerry Christensen the yodeler. They enjoyed his show. I tweaked at the computer for the evening.

For dinner we enjoyed some of the $1 burgers from Trina's again. Lou thought they were closing after tonight but they don't close until February 28th. Darn, we'll have to com by again before they close.

Wednesday: (01/28) Lou fixed corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. We then walked over to the big tent to see what is billed as a craft show but there were no crafts, only a few of th vendor left over from the RV show and a few cars that will be part of the auto show that starts later this week.

We then explored town some and stopped by the Mountain Quail for lunch. I had their special of the day an Ortega burger while Lou and Dawn started with coconut cream pie and topped that off with liver and onion rings.

Cecilia's Garden Sign.JPG Hand Wall At Celia's Garden.JPG
We then continued our tour stopping by and exploring Cecelia's Garden. The hadnd print wall is interesting.

Walkway At Celia's Garden.JPG Adamsville At Celia's Garden.JPG
It's a desert garden founded in tribute to the local book dealers daughter who died too young. Above, a typical view of the trails around the garden. The whole (minature) town of Adamsville was relocated from Parker to Quartzsite.

A Reason To Call It Celia's Garden.JPG
Above is a reason to call it a garden. There wasn't too much in bloom but this plant saved the day.

Next stop was the library for a look-see.

A quick stop by the market for a few things then home. We listened to the rest of the audio tape "The Center Of Everything". Had dinner of leftover spaghetti and then watched some more John Wayne movies.

Thursday: (01/29) Lou and Dawn went over to the QIA and met with the craft group. Dawn's working on a rope bowl. Others were painting and making jewelry. I looked around some of the places on East Main street that I quickly looked at previously. As I was headed over the freeway to camp, brother Ernie called. He was over at the Love's truck stop where he spent the night arriving about 6am. We all got together and went over to the Mountain Quail cafe for lunch. He and I had the special meatloaf sandwiches and Lou and Dawn had a taco salad.

Ernie And The Doggies Visit Quartzsite.JPG .JPG
Ernie then brought his truck over by our camp parked alongside highway 95.  He and the dogs came over to our camp for a couple of hours before he departed toward Laredo, Tx. There was a nice sunset, as nice as a mostly cloudless sky can provide.
Dinner was a salad and we had a nice campfire.

Friday: (01/30) Breakfast was leftover spaghetti. We prepared the RV to roll. I have a noon appointment to get the modem and controller upgraded on the Motosat system at Satellite Advantage today. Lou and Dawn are of to look around the craft vendors that have arrived at Tyson Wells. the old system is shown below left.

Old Ground Control NAP.JPG Scott Installing Upper Control Board.JPG
About 11:10 I started to roll over for the upgrade. I arrived early and checked in with Scott Whitney, the installer. I then went out to th RV and relaxed. Scott (aka Dustyfoot) (above right) came out after a while and replaced the upper control board up on the roof in the antenna positioner. That went well. meanwhile removed to old One Touch NAP and other equipment to get ready for the new installation. Scott installed the new HNS7000S modem, the Motosat D3 controller, and a Cradlepoint MBR1000 Router. All of this I could have done myself except I'm getting lazy and I was concerned because all the info I had read said had to replace all the motors and harnesses in the positioner. That turned out not to be the case but it also was probably a good idea that Scott did it anyway. I had Scott setup the new system for the same satellite, 99W, that 've been on these past 5 years. I had the dish up and locked on the satellite with the old system before Scott started. He installed the new equipment and the new modem locked right on the satellite with no problem. After Scott checked everything out he pushed the "Stow" button on the new D3 controller.

Upgraded Motosat System.JPG
The dish stowed. When he pushed "Search" the dish acquired the satellite but the modem would not lock on, no signal strength. He tested the pointing by temporarily selecting a different transponder and the receiver locked on. Set it back to my assignment and it wouldn't. It appears the transponder has a problem that coincidentally happened as we were setting stuff up? Scott's time is to valuable and costly So I took the system as is for now and will tinker and/or return Monday for further troubeshooting. If it is a bad transponder, it should fix itself by Monday.
I also had a problem setting up the computers to connect to the new access point/router. My little Linux eeePC had no problem but both My laptop and Lou's wouldn't connect. That's a problem I should be abe to fix myself, eventually. All in all, two strikes.
I got away a little before 4pm and headed South to the dump at La Posa South. There was no line. I returned to camp before 5pm and mt Lou and Dawn who have been relaxing most of th afternoon at camp.
Dawn fixed some cabbage and sausage for dinner.
I tinkered with the new equipment looking over all the settings and can't find anything wrong. Have to wait and SUFFER with no Internet all weekend.
Lou prepared a nice campfire.

Saturday: (01/31) Lou and Dawn were off to Parker for a book sale at the library. They stopped by the casino for lunch of some of their wonderful pizza. They then stopped by the market before heading home with their full box of used books.
I tinkered with the satellite system but couldn't get it working. I did get my laptop connected with the new router. I then took a little walk around Tyson Wells.
We enjoyed a nice campfire in the evening.

Sunday: (02/01) Lou fixed French toast and bacon for breakfast.

Dawn And Lou At The Mine Above Quartzsite.JPG
We then walked over toward Q mountain to look at the mine. On the way we met Don Bradner and John Watson coming down.

Old Building Shell Above Quartzsite.JPG View From Inside Building Shell.JPG
We walked down the back side and looked at an old rock house shell and then back toward the river and home. We were passing by a motorhome when the man asked if were enjoying our inspection. We must have looked like we were looking. We wound up talking a while like a couple of hours. They had recently bought their 1994 used Monaco Dynasty. It was in amazingly good shape and had low mileage and cost about $32k on EBAY. Lucky folks. They are from Canada. We then returned home and had corned beef sandwiches and horseradish cheese again after which we walked over to the big top and the auto show.

Amphicar At Quartzsite Auto Show.JPG Amphicar At Quartzsite Auto Show.JPG
They were already clearing out by 2pm. The above AmphiCar for amphibian car was the most interesting. It's one of the few boat cars made.

Lou fixed some nice soup for dinner and we enjoyed another good campfire.

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