Thursday, February 26, 2009

Las Vegas Bay, Lake Mead NRA

Thursday: (02/26) It was a grueling drive over the hill eight miles from the Sunset Casino to the campground here by Lake Mead. These long driving days have got to stop! The campground isn't very full and is quite nice. This may be a multi-day stop. We took a short walk around camp and then returned for dinner. Lou cleaned out the fridge making a stale cornchip casserole. I wasn't feeling well. Must be withdrawal from Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Bay Campsite Las Vegas Bay Campsite
Friday: (02/27) Lou got me up early, fixed breakfast burritos and we were off on a hike. We hiked down the hill from our campsite to the river. It's about a 100' descent. The brush is quite thick near the river but we persevered and made it to the rivers edge. The river is probably 2 feet deep and 50' across. It was probably twice as deep yesterday or at least recently by the flow signs and the mud. We certainly didn't expect a river but th recent rains must still be running off. We'll have to see it this river has a name, most likely the Las Vegas Wash since everything near hear has the name.

Las Vegas Bay Campsite Backyard
The view from the back of our campsite.

Las Vegas Wash At lake Mead Las Vegas Wash At lake Mead
Sunrise over Lake Mead. A view of las Vegas Wash.

Las Vegas Wash At lake Mead Flowers In Las Vegas Wash
The river is pretty big, for the desert. I got some pictures of some flowers on the bushes near the river.

Las Vegas Wash At lake Mead Las Vegas Wash At lake Mead
More views od Las Vegas Wash.

Now that the engine work is complete, Lou is busy cleaning the carpet today. I'm also very busy relaxing and enjoying the view.

The winds picked up some later in the day so Lou worked on her sewing and I worked at the computer most of the rest of the day.

Lou fixed some Thai rice noodles, asparagus and steak for dinner.

Saturday: (02/28) Today we explored. We drove North around the lake. Our first stop was at a trailhead near Las Vegas Lake where the Las Vegas River crosses the highway. we hiked down to the river and looked around.

Las Vegas Bay Campsite From Across The Wash By Gypsum Point Las Vegas Wash At lake Mead
We then headed on taking a dirt road out to Gypsum Point and a look at our camp from the other side of the river/lake (Above left). We then headed on to Government Wash to explore. Government Wash is a free BLM camping area. All the "campsites" are beside the dirt roads fingering off toward the lake. The best spots would be the ones at the end of the roads because the others would be eating dust as each vehicle passed.

We returned to the RV for luch and a nap. This exploring is tough work.

We returned to the hunt heading South to see what the Boulder Beach Campground was like. It's only about 10 miles South along the lake. It's nice but our current site at Las Vegas Wash is much nicer than anything we saw at Boulder Beach. Boulder Beach campsites are much clser together and there are more taller trees. Picking a site there whould be more difficult to find where the sun got through to the solar panels and the dish saw the satellite. We'll hang out here for a while longer.

We then headed on down to the Hacienda Casino near Boulder Dam then went over to look a the dam and how the construction of the new highway is going. Looking at the water level at the dam really shows how low the lake level has fallen. As if the long walks to the waters edge near camp weren't enough of an indicator.

We returned to the Casino for dinner. Lou needed her prime rib dinner which we shared then we started toward home. Only started though. We found the right rear tire flat on the car in the lot. The auto service was there in 15 minutes and aired it up. The Pressure Pro sensor cap on the tire was loose and leaked the tire flat. That is a problem with any of the screw on sensor systems. It's the second time we've had such a flat in the year or so we've had the system. It wouldn't have been much of a problem if I'd had the air compressor in the car. It was with the bikes in the RV. Got to get one that stays in the car. It was probably left loose by the oil change folks at Walmart when they checked the tires a few days ago. I should have checked them. Something else for the list.

The drive home was uneventful The tire remained inflated. We did manage to pass our camp road exit on the way back. Didn't seem to be a sign coming North and it is dark out.

(0301) For some unexplainable reason we're getting up awfully early recently. Lou usually does but I'm normally a night person. What's wrong with me, getting up so early?

We enjoyed cereal for breakfast then a walk around camp. Lou worked on her dolls and their clothes. I worked at the computer. It's a beautiful day today. No wind and sunny.

I fixed some Thai stir fry rice noodles with carrots, onions, red pepper, and pork for lunch. Very good. We topped that with an ice cream sandwich. Our dining entertainment was watching our neighbors try to stuff their large 5th wheel trailer into a site about 3 feet too short. Their friends have been in adjacent camps since before we arrived. They are all from Quebec so we couldn't really tell if they were cussing or not. It's all French to us. They did get it mostly in, eventually. Better than a reality TV show!

The meal caused a need for a nap or an energy drink or as I decided, both. i then worked at the computer the rest of the evening. Lou continued preparing some doll parts to fire in the morning and then some sewing.

Monday: (03/02) We got up about 7am and Lou got out her kiln and fired up the generator to fire the dolls. The firing only takes about 30 minutes after which we ran the generator another 20 minutes to put some juice back in the batteries. It will be cloudy this afternoon per the weather report so we knocked to top off our discharged batteries so that what solar power we get today will finish the job. We left it with about 60 amperehours of discharge which turned out to be just right. as the batteries were almost fully recharged when we returned home in the afternoon.

About 8:30 we were off to Las Vegas for the day. We went by the Sunset Station for breakfast. I had their $5 eggs, bacon and sausage with all you can eat pancakes. Lou had their $5 steak and eggs with hashbrowns and toast. Not additiona pancakes needed but nice cheap and excellent breakfasts. We then went hunting for an air compressor for the car. After the flat tire again day before yesterday, the second time it's happened due to loose PressurePro sensor caps, we'll keep an air compressor in the car and the RV at all times. The existing roving compressor will not be counted upon. WalMart had a couple of little compressors but the best seemed to be the cheapest, $10 compressor. it won't take up much room and can remain in the tool compartment in the car. Likewise one will remain in the RV tool compartment. But first we needed to find two good ones. The first store by Sunset Station only had two that looked like they were kicked to the store. We went by another WalMart's and found two good ones. $10 each. Definitely not worth another wait for the tow truck.
With the primary mission accomplished, we filled our drinking water bottles and got a few groceries as will as a visit to Joann's for some thread and sewing machine needles. we also noticed that gas prices had dropped a nickle so we filled up, that and the fact the gas tank was nearing empty.

We returned home and the sky was fully overcast and it was quite warm. I fixed some spagetti while Lou fixed some Mandarin orange and shredded broccoli slaw. All quite good, especially the slaw.

Vultures In Campground
We took a walk around the camp and watched the vultures, 13 of them hanging around the same tree they seem to visit each evening. After dark we also heard something we haven't heard here before, and it was only near our RV, nowhere else in the camp, cicada bug(s).

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