Monday, April 26, 2010

Red Rock Canyon State Park

Sunday: (04/25) We found a nice level campsite out in the Joshua tree groves at Red Rock Canyon State Park. And of course there are lots of different flowers, most rather small but colorful.

Dinner was leftover spaghetti with fried toast.

Monday: (04/26) We enjoyed leftover potatoes and ham with eggs and biscuit for breakfast then we took our morning walk. We walked out the wash near our camp then up onto the ridge at the top of the bluffs overlooking the campground then back via a different wash. The flowers here are still good, some plants haven't yet flowered and we'll miss the show. While many are tiny, only an inch or so talk, there are still a few bigger flowers. And we found some new flowering bushes. So, the walk was productive. Lou surprised me with a birthday card. I had forgotten that my birthday was today. I'm not sure weather it was the distractions of our travels or senility?


High View Of Our Campsite Low View Of Our Campsite
Our Red Rock Canyon campsite from above on the bluff and below in the desert.

Lizard Flower
We always find lots of interesting things to see on our walks.

Flower Flower
Here at Red Rock Canyon most of the flowers are small. And most are different than elsewhere.

Flower Flower
Some flowers of small stature (1 inch) make a big impression. Even the bushes are competing.

Flower Flower
Left, some are proudly trumpeting.

Flower Flower
The small flowers in the washes look the same except in various colors and shades.

Flower Flower
Some are really decorated.

Flower Flower
Some are frilly.

Flower Flower
Some are solo acts.

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