Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chicken Alaska

Wednesday: (06/29) Cereal for breakfast. Left Walker Fork CG at 0740. It was less than 20 miles to Chicken where we stopped to look around and enjoyed an excellent cinnamon roll at the cafe. The dredge that the moved into town is in the best condition we've seen. of course it's much newer and is on a steel hull. Looks the same as the originals. We stopped at the Fairplay mountain outlook and had to repair a flappy compartment door. Not actually a door but a cover over our holding tank. We stopped at the Tok Visitor Center and loaded up on Alaska travel info. Also got gas. Much nicer prices here as opposed to in Canada. About 20 miles out the Tok Cutoff we had to stop to watch a couple of moose. We spent the night at mm65.5
(GPS:62.734655, -143.83269645)

Chicken Alaska Chicken Alaska
The big chicken of Chicken. The dredge at Chicken.

Cinnamon Roll From Chicken Alaska Cafe Chicken Alaska
Excellent cinnamon rolls at Chicken. Main Street Chicken
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