Monday, July 9, 2012

Good Bye And Thanks For Your Loyal Service

Monday: (07/09) First thing this morning was the to clear the driveway for the approaching rock. I moved the motorhome and car and put up a little temporary barrier to keep the rock off the lawn. I stopped off and got some donuts for my breakfast. Lou and Dawn had the green smoothies again.

Wilton Walkway Project By Greenhouse
The truck arrived at 10:30.

Wilton Walkway Project By Greenhouse
Unfortunately the driver didn't do as good a job as hoped and part of the load had to be dumped in the motorhomes side of the driveway. I needed to go by Lowe's again for some PVC fittings and that trip turned in to a day trip.

87 Volvo Disposal
We've been planning of getting rid of our old Volvo so we did. Above it's on it's last drive.

87 Volvo Disposal 87 Volvo Disposal
 It was dropped of at the dismantelers. Poor thing. It served us well since 1986 but uses too much gas and has become ocassionally unreliable. Oddly, the unreliable part may have finally had a resolution about a week ago. I think I finally learned which connector to wiggle to get it to start. A bit too late though.With barcode installed, it was off to become something new.

We stopped for lunch at the El Rincon Restaurant across the street form where I used to work and near to the dismanteler. I had a milanessa torta and Lou and Dawn had quesodillas. We stopped at Lowe's for the PVC fittings. While there we noticed a nice dumping four wheeled cart and bought one. We were in the little Accent and it was already full so getting the big heavy box in the car was a challenge. Next we stopped by the Sunnyvale dump to drop off an old CRT computer monitor. Since the Palo Alto dump closed Sunnyvale is now our disposal site. Another stop was at the Bed Bath and Beyond store in Mountain View. I had a couple of paper towel holders that we didn't need. They've been hanging around for years unused but they were taken back with no problems. A nice store. When we got home I assembled the cart, not too simple of a task. It really handles a load nicely. Since we had disposed of most of the day I just tinkered in the backyard tweaking things around the new walkway. Lou made tofu chow mein for dinner.

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