Monday, February 11, 2013

Winterblast At Lake Havasu Prelude

Lake Havasu  Lake Havasu
Monday: (02/11) We found a nice spot to park on the opposite side of the highway from the entrance to Sara park and should get a good close view of all the fireworks this weekend. In addition we can easily walk over for the ground show as well. After settling in and having  lunch of leftover spaghetti we returned to town and checked out the Windsor Beach State Park. We'll probably use their services when we are preparing to leave town after having sat on our hill for a week. We also stopped by the local Ace hardware and had a very helpful salesmen help us find something to hang our TV antenna from when traveling and other little hardware needs. We like to tour hardware stores. Dinner was spaghetti and broccoli. The sky was clear today but the wind was blowing. Fortunately the gust didn't cause any problems on the way down today.

(GPS: 34.45084, -114.2457)

Tuesday: (02/12) Eggs with leftovers from our gigantic breakfasts from yesterday for breakfast. We relaxed most of the morning at home. I tinkered  installing some Velcro we got yesterday to secure the TV antenna control in our media cabinet.Another task was installing a magnetic latch on the bathroom door to hold it open when needed. Then we headed out around town looking at houses on sale and thrift stores. Nothing of interest with either. We stopped for lunch at the Golden Corral. Dinner was cottage cheese and fruit. Today was a pretty nice day, little wind and fairly warm.

Lake Havasu  Lake Havasu
Wednesday: (02/13) Our third breakfast from our gigantic breakfasts from the Hacienda Casino the other day. Lou's ham provided enough for us both with some eggs and hashbrowns added. I tinkered all day at the computer including starting to do the taxes. Not as much progress as I'd hoped today. I also made some wands to replace a missing control wand for the blinds over the dinette. Also to make closing the front curtain easier. They were made form some huge aluminum knitting needles we got yesterday at one of the thrift stores. Lou was out shopping and exploring. My lunch was a cheese and beef log sandwich. Lou had seafood salad for lunch at Safeway. We took the Jeep out in the afternoon romping around on the moguls and in the washes near our camp. We found a back way in to our campsite in case the traffic is too much during the shows. More of Lou's leftover seafood salad on lettuce and leftover spaghetti for dinner. Even though I wasn't outside much of the day, it looked nice out and when I was out, it was nice.

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