Monday, March 25, 2013

White Spar CG, Prescott, AZ

Prescott White Spar CG
Monday: (03/25) We returned to highway 60 then headed Northeast toward Prescott. When we met highway 89 we turned North. For a lunch break we stopped in Yarnell at the top of the mountains. It's a little town with a few antique stores, a market and a post office and not much else. We enjoyed our lunch then walked the main street visiting some of the stores. Our stop for the night was a little short of Prescott at the White Spar Campground, a nice forest service campground on top of the mountains about 3 miles from downtown Prescott. We'll use this as our base while we explore the area. Baked potatoes with chili, cheese and yogurt for lunch. Smoked pork chops with broccoli and macaroni with cheese for dinner.
(GPS: 34.5082, -112.4761)

Tuesday: (03/26) We drove downtown and explored several thrift stores and some antique stores. Even thought Lou generally drags me to these places I was the one that found things. I found eight of my western shirts at one thrift store. I also found some things on Lou;s list at an antique store. She's been looking for the cap and beaters for a butter churn bottle she has for years. Now she has it. I also found a Featherweight sewing machine. She's been looking for one for a friend and now the friend has one. We really like Prescott. It's a nice small interesting town. Asparagus omelet for breakfast. Lunch at El Charro Mexican restaurant downtown. I had chili relleno and Lou had an enchilada. Lou made artichoke chicken with rice and steamed carrots for dinner.

Wednesday: (03/27) I spent some time on the blog uploaded a few recent photos this morning. We went to town for a late breakfast a the Golden Corral Buffet. Afterwords we did a little shopping then returned home early. We took a walk on one of the trail before sunset. Dinner was a baked potato with sausage and cheese.

Thursday: (03/28) Asparagus omelet with fresh pineapple for breakfast. We had a relaxed morning and then I took off on a hike to Goldwater Lakes at 1130. Lou went in to town to check more thrift stores. I had my lunch of a beef stick and a granola bar by Upper Goldwater Lake. I was back in camp by 1445. It was an eight mile hike with 2560 feet of climb and 600 feet of elevation change. Lou made smoked pork chops, fried potatoes and sliced tomatoes for dinner.

Friday: (03/29) Anther nice day. We started the day with a visit to a thrift store then were off to breakfast at the Golden Corral Buffet. After breakfast we explored the nearby town of Prescott Valley then continued exploring back into the Northern part of Prescott. We managed to wast then entire day so we then returned to the Golden Corral Buffet for dinner. A double whammy buffet day! After dinner we stopped by Bucky's Casino up on a hill in the center of Prescott. Nice views from there. Lou did her usual $2 slot machine binge increasing here worth substantially. We finally returned home after 9pm in the dark. The campground has lots more campers tonight.

Saturday: (03/30) Cereal for breakfast. Our primary task for the day was dutie duty. While we have a wonderful campsite very near town, it isn't fully open. The water is still off due to being turned off for the winter. It won't be on for another 2-4 weeks. If there were water in the campground then we could empty our holding tanks at the city sewer plant. Even though Prescott isn't a small town, there are only two free sanitary dumps and only one has fresh water. That is at Affinity RV Service about 9 miles from camp. The only other places to dump are at RV parks and the one we checked is even further away. First we checked Affinity out for how to access it. We returned to camp to pickup the RV. For lunch, Lou made steak with garlic mashed potatoes, steamed carrots, steamed broccoli, and sliced tomatoes. After lunch, we returned with the RV and took care of our business. We did a little shopping along both trips and finally returned to camp, picked up the Jeep and drove out Senator Road to Roosevelt Lake and then on out Senator Road and back to town via about 20 miles of dirt roads stopping at Lynx lake. When we got back to town we stopped at the China Buffet for dinner then the Casino again for a short visit. i dropped Lou off at the door and before I got in she had one her jackpot already. Not a bundle but a win and several times what she bet. I got to enjoy a beer while I waited for Lou. We even made it home before dark and got to watch the sunset through the trees. 

Sunday: (03/31) We relaxed at home all day. I tinkered at the computer while Lou did crafts.  In the evening I took a little 4 mile loop hike on Trails 396>374>373. I fixed home fried potatoes with onions and peppers and steak and eggs. Grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.Lou made beef stroganoff for dinner.

Monday: (04/01) Cereal for breakfast. We started with our morning walk around the campground. I tinkered at the computer most of the morning.before we headed in to town. Our first stop was at the Scooter And Auto Source. They have some cute scooters, motorcycles and 4x4's to look at. They have several motorcycles with side cars. One was a BMW the others were something they sell new but since they are from Russia they look antique. They are something like a motorcycle jeep. The brand is the URAL. They also had a 1948 Russian Jeep. Fun to look at. Then we stopped at the Casa Sanchez Mexican restaurant for lunch. I had a chili relleno burrito while Lou had a tomale. Then our mission task, doing the laundry. A little shopping and thrifting on the way home. Lou made stir fry noodles for dinner.

Tuesday: (04/02) We spent the morning in camp. I tinkered at the computer while Lou was busy organizing. After lunch Lou dropped me off at Thumb Butte. While I hiked she returned to town to look around. It was a nice day for the hike. See Post. Corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. A Greek salad for lunch. leftovers for dinner. I had beef strogonoff and Lou had salad.

Skull Valley

Wednesday: (04/03) We took a drive out to Granite basin but missed out turn off Iron Springs Road so we just continued on up the road to Skull Valley, a very small town about 15 miles West of Prescott. We enjoyed an ice cream at the little market there. The proprietor said we just missed the fun. He said  every morning about six of the old timers meet at the market for coffee and to tell stories. That could have been interesting. We may have to return earlier if we visit the town again. Note the sign on the road by the power pole near the Skull Valley Garage says "Dead End". How appropriate.

We returned back to Granite Basin and checked out the campground which we were considering to move to. Our current campsite is a little better so we probably wont be moving. We stopped by Granite Basin Lake and I took a little 7.4 mile hike while Lou relaxed by the lake. Corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Car snacks for lunch. Golden Corral Buffet for dinner.

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