Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hikers Potluck Dinner

Wednesday: (09/25) Granola for breakfast. I started my day by installing more masking so I could spray some paint today. I stopped to attend a 10am webinar about building mobile applications. After the break, I had an early lunch of some leftover stuffed peppers and some yogurt before heading out to work. I had finished the masking before my break but almost didn't start painting because it was quite breezy. I decided to paint anyway. I setup the paint sprayer and tried it out on a piece of scrape plywood. It worked OK so I tried it on the house. It turns out it isn't too good for painting the eves, it doesn't spray up well. I did get one side of the fireplace and most of the fireplace primed before I had to stop and clean up. I had to go up to Palo Alto to pick up a Iranian chicken salad Lou and Dawn had made for me to take to a potluck dinner with my hiking group. I got to meet the founder and other organizers I hadn't met before. Interesting food, deserts and people. This was an end of summer get together. The hosts, Bob and Sharon will be leaving next week to go to Slovenia.  Bob and I alternate leading our hikes so I'll be doing hikes again starting next week. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the first full days work in in a while.  Lots of distractions recently.


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