Friday, March 18, 2016

Final Touches

Friday: (03/18) I made corned beef hash for breakfast. Yum! Lou and Dawn were off to an exercise class and some estate sales today. I worked on the Jeep.
Jeep Tow Setup 0320161519c_HDR Jeep Tow Setup 0320161519a_HDR-001
Above left is the actuator solenoid under the drivers seat. On the right is the bracket that attaches the cable from the solenoid to the brake pedal arm. It really is almost entirely out of sight and makes hookup to the RV really simple.
Jeep Tow Setup 0320161520a_HDR Jeep Tow Setup 0320161520b_HDR
I finally did the dreaded intercept of the vacuum line and hooked up the vacuum pump to the system. The pump is mounted to the right of the battery above left. The vacuum lines I installed with the check valve are above the yellow cap above right.
I then tested it out. I had a problem at first that turned out to be a sticky breakaway switch. I then hooked it up to the RV and all the wiring seemed to be correct. All the lights worked and the brake control in the RV worked properly. Unfortunately the solenoid doesn’t seem to pull hard enough so I need to tweak something so I’m back to thinking about it. Lou made some more corned beef which we had with the leftover cabbage from yesterday for dinner.
Saturday: (03/19) Blackberry waffles for breakfast in the yard. Since we were in the yard, I got busy on moving more plants from the greenhouse outside and re potting others. We enjoyed a nice morning before the clouds started to roll in. The clouds never turned in to the forecast rain. Dawn was off to a bookstore that’s going to be closing soon. Lou and I went to Los Altos Taqueria for lunch. We also went in search of some specific sized plastic planters to fit in some large terracotta planters. We can fit two small ones in  the large planter making it easier to move them in the greenhouse. Found them. We picked up Dawn and returned home. We decided to binge on season two of the Amazon TV series Bosch. Fortunately, Dawn remembered we had tickets for the Redwood Bluegrass Concert in Mountain View about 30 minutes before we needed to be there. So, no dinner and we were off. Fortunately they do serve good pie there. Good show with Mike Compton and Joe Newberry.
Sunday: (03/20) I stayed awake all night binge watch the Amazon TV series Bosch. I finally got to sleep just before 0600. It was at least still dark outside. I got up about 0930. Maybe an afternoon nap will be in order.  I fried some eggs to serve with leftover corned beef hash for breakfast. I eventually went outside to work on the Jeep. I did successfully tap into the brake light circuit and dress up the wires to the control box. When I tested it not only did the brake lights work but the solenoid brake actuator worked properly. I also adjusted the front towbar to be lower to match the RV.
Jeep Tow Setup 0320161519_HDR
I also reattached the front license plat holder. It is now off center to allow the break-away cable to be clear.  And finally I drilled new holes in the rock skirt mounting brackets where a cotter pin holds them in place. The new bracket arms blocked the old holes. While doing all this there were some rain sprinkles and downpours. If it dries out this afternoon or tomorrow morning I’ll take thee RV and Jeep out for another test drive. All I have to do is convince Lou to take another ride in the Jeep as I tow it and apply the brakes.
I remembered last night that I hadn’t applied for my PCT permit for this year yet. When the application period opened in early February, were were still planning on heading back East for an extended period. Now that that is not the plan and we will mix short RV trips with PCT section hikes, I need a permit. So I applied this morning.

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