Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hot Time

Saturday: (07/08) Today was a hot day. My first task was to unload the recliner loveseat from the Jeep. To save work I jumped the curb and backed up to the front door. Next task was to check the error code on the Hyundai. The main problem was locating one of my two code readers. I eventually found it and found that the code was an error with the high fuel sensor. I cleared the error, car OK to drive. Next task was to go shopping for some pipe that I failed to get yesterday. Lou came with me so we took the Jeep. I decided go to Lowe's in Sunnyvale. I wanted to check the concrete price there. I also did a return run to Home Depot and checked the concrete price there as well. While Home Depot has a higher delivery cost, the concrete is 30 cents less per bag. HD wins. On the way home I picked up Chinese at the Wok On restaurant and stopped for quessodillas at Super Taqueria for Lou and Dawn. I napped in the afternoon. I didn’t feel well and the heat gave me another reason not to work. Granola and diced apple for breakfast. Chinese food for lunch. Leftover Chinese for dinner.

Sunday: (07/09) The usual Sunday morning TV shows to start. Lou made eggs, ham and potatoes for breakfast. I dug a trench and laid the gray water discharge pipe then dug out a little more to allow and angle base for the walkway. It was going to be a square corner. That left me with more dirt so part of the area I dug out for garden now has debris dirt. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. For dinner asparagus with pork and rice.



Monday: (07/10) I had a dental appointment in the morning to have a crown replaced. It was supposedly one of my Mexican crowns but i can;t tll. It just fell apart a few months ago. The metal jacket was OK, just no enamel. After lunch I got outside, eventually. I built the forms for the rear yard edges. Granola for breakfast. Soup with ham and cheese for lunch. LUU Noodle House for dinner.


Tuesday: (07/11) Ernie and i were busy all day. First we laid the fabric in the hole in the backyard and placed some baserock on it to keep it in place. I had to make a run to Home Depot to get some more cement to mix with the baserock for two retaining walls, one by the garden and the other by the new flowerbeds to be. When I got home we mixed and poured the concrete in the forms. Tomorrow we’ll move the last of the baserock into the hole and install the drain and sprinkler lines into the baserock. While at Home Depot I ordered three pallets of concrete mix to be delivered this Saturday. Lou made a choriso omelet for breakfast. I had a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. And today was Two For Tuesday at Papa John’s pizza so we had pizza. 


Wednesday: (07/12) I installed the drain, water and sprinkler pipes. Ernie and I then move the rest of the baserock into the hole. After tamping it i took measurements and ordered another 12.5 tons of rock. It will be delivered tomorrow afternoon. Lou and Dawn were off shopping. Lou is looking for upholstery fabric. Lou made chicken fried steak and potatoes for breakfast. I had leftover pizza for both lunch and dinner. 






Thursday: (07/13) Busy day. Today was brother Ernie’s birthday so we took him out to breakfast ab Bill’s Cafe in Midtown Palo Alto. Once home i drove up to San Carlos to Lyngso and bought some more fabric for my walkways. Next project was to install the new batteries and inverter in the RV. They’ve been sitting around over a month. I shut off the power at noon and re-energized the RV at 1430. The refrigerator should have been OK with that short outage. While i got the inverter/charger installed, I didn’t set it up or test it so it’s is still off. The solar charged then new batters to full in a couple of hours. I cleaned up the area when i got the call from the Lyngso driver saying he’s on the way. He dumped my 11.5 tons of baserock in the driveway ramp area about 1500. I moved some to the backyard to clear the sidewalk and street side. Ernie’s was busy enjoying his day off (birthday). Lou made more chicken fried steak with eggs and potatoes for a late 1530 lunch/dinner. I finished moving rock a little after 1700 then took a shower. Lou and i went out to the Mountain View Farmers Market in the evening. She had a mango pastry and i had a coconut pearl dring. 


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