Thursday, May 9, 2019

Hershey "Tour"

Thursday: (05/09) We had a slow morning. We left Cabela’s and went over to the Cracker Barrel restaurant for breakfast. After breakfast , while Lou and Dawn were looking around the CB store, I walked across the street to an RV and Boat dealer to see what they had in RV accessories. We are looking into moving our toothbrushes to the kitchen sink from the bathroom and need a holder. Nothing found. It was an interesting boat store because they had three boats floating in a pool in the showroom. We then went to Walmart for a couple of things before then going back to Cabela’s for another look around. I finished early so i took the RV over to a nearby landscape supplier  to fill our LPG tank. We finally hit the road near noon. We visited the Hershey Chocolate “factory” for a tour since we were nearby. Unfortunately they no longer have a real tour. It’s more like a Disneyland ride with animatronics and fake displays.  We had leftovers for lunch before going inside. Our tour of the Oakdale, California Hershey factory was ever so much better. Luckily we did that several years ago before they move it to Mexico. We then took I81 South stopping for the night at a Cracker Barrel in Martinburg, WV about 1915. Just a few sprinklers earlier in the day.

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