Thursday, July 25, 2019

Wompatuck State Park, Hingham, Ma

Thursday: (07/25) We had some interesting weather while we were staying near Hartford, Ct. in East Hampton. I had and am having some dental work done there, a nice root canal. I had it done Tuesday and have to return next Monday and Thursday. Because of the dental work we didn't go on to Cape Cod as planned, which was a good thing because they had a tornado and up to 110 winds. We took a day thip that day and were driving down by the Long Island Sound when we had a deluge for about 30 minutes and then heavy rain all the way home. When I finally knew what appointments were needed to finish the dental work, we adjusted our reservation here at Wompatuck State Park yesterday and headed out of town today. We had already been here three times as long as planned. However not getting to go to Cape Cod turned out for the better. We'll drive the Jeep back the 120 miles to Hartford for the dental appointments. That way we can use the days in between to tour around the Boston area and even drive down to Cape Cod from here tomorrow. Another dalaying factor was that our propane input valve stuck open when it was filled so we now have a full propane tank with the propane dealers safety valve attached. What is interesting is that getting it fixed is near impossible. Easy to fix if the tank is empty, but it is now full and should last a couple of months. No one can suck it dry, bleed or burn it off. Most RV shops can replace the valve but not until it's empty. Propane service company's don't do anything. Since we can't get it fixed, we are now using propane generously but that doesn't mean as much when we don't want to run the furnace. And then there is the cost of the propane at $50 for this last fillup. Really hate to waste it..

We drove through three states today. Connecticut, Rhode Island and into Massachusetts. Only 127 miles. We stopped before going in to the park for lunch at Applebee’s. We settled in and I relaxed while Lou and Dawn explored the campground. French Onion soup and Toast for dinner. The weather is nice enough tonight that we aren’t running the AC for the first time in a couple of weeks.
(GPS: 42.203578, -70.854756)

Friday: (07/26) Pancakes and ham for breakfast. We headed off about 0915 to Provincetown on Cape Cod about 102 miles from camp. We explored highway 6A, the business road going down and took highway 6, the main road coming back. Lunch at Jack’s Outback Restaurant in Yarmouth Port, MA. A nice restaurant with two big yellow golden retriever dogs as greeters. The name doesn’t come from Australia but likely from the difficult to find location down a narrow driveway. After that start of ur tour of Cape Cod we visited a few lighthouses, points of interest and viewpoints. Nice clear day with dark blue ocean and blue clear sky. We topped off our quick tour with dinner at Savory & the Sweet Escape. Great sandwiches and wraps. We got home after 2100.






Saturday: (07/27) Lou made a mushroom omelet for breakfast. We drove up to Boston to the Samuel Adams Brewery for a tour. Interesting tour and great beer to sample ut not a real factory tour. This site is their development brewery now. All the production brewing is done at other locations. We had a nice lunch at a nearby Mexican restaurant, Chilacates. We also took a short walk in the Harvard Arboretum before heading home. Lou made roast chicken with baked potatoes for dinner.


Sunday: (07/28) Granola for breakfast.We prepared to roll. About 1100 we rolled over to the dump to do our tank duty. We then checked in to this same park into a different site. We weren’t able to get a site that had available dates for our entire stay. We settled in and this time set up our bug tent for this extended stay. Little relaxing. Later in the afternoon we drove over to Costco and Walmart to do our shopping. Wieners with cabbage and onions for dinner.

Monday: (07/29) Leftover chicken and chips casserole for breakfast. Lou and I were off early at 0715 toward Hartford, Ct. I had an Endodontic appointment for a root canal there at 1115. We arrived at 1010. A quick early lunch at a nearby Subway sandwich shop before my appointment. One never can tell when one will want to eat again. All went well and now is ready for the dentist to do the permanent filling. We headed home after a stop. Lou visited a Savers while i got an oil change in the Jeep. We stopped for dinner on the way home at 4 G's Restaurant & Pizza in Dayville, Ct. We were home sometime after 1900. We had some rain just before getting home but it was mostly just a hot day.

Tuesday: (07/30) I had leftover pizza for breakfast. The pizza I got yesterday was some of the best I’ve eaten. A relaxing day at home today. More leftover pizza for lunch. Lou made chicken potato salad for dinner. I just relaxed. Lou was sewing and Dawn writing today.

Wednesday: (07/31) I prepared corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast this morning. We relaxed much of the morning. Later we headed out for a drive East of here to the coast visiting Hull, Hingham, Cohasset, Egypt, and Scituate. We had lunch at Jakes in Hull. We finished the otherwise nice day with severe thunderstorm warnings and some heavy rain. Back home we had chicken potato salad for dinner.

Thursday: (08/01) Leftover corned beef hash for breakfast. Lou and I were off again to East hampton to my dentist appointment. Over 120 miles. We stopped for an early lunch at McDonalds before my 1110 appointment. The dentist did a permanent filling on my rooted canal tooth and another filling for good measure and we were off a little after 1200. We stopped in North Scituat, RI for a late lunch at Cindy’s Restaurant. We made it back to Weymouth, Ma to the Post Office to pick up our mail delivery. Later Lou stopped by Urgent Care to have her ears looked with no help provided. We had PBJ toast for dinner.

Friday: (08/02) Lou fixed a nice breakfast before we headed off to a day in Boston. We parked downtown right in front of the library for the day. Lou and Dawn checked out the library and we all toured the building. I spent most of my time in the cafe with a chai tea and cookie listening to and watching the WGBH morning talk show. They have a remote studio in the cafe which is in the library. There was also a good bluegrass group, Vinegar Flies, playing in the courtyard of the library. We also walked through the Boston Public Garden and Boston Commons and checked out a farmers market and visited the Boston Public Market. For dinner we stopped at one of the oldest taverns in the country, The Green Dragon Tavern that opened in 1654 and was where Paul Revere hung out and some battle plans for the war of Independence were made. On the walk back to our car, we stopped in at the original Cheers bar inspiration, the former Bull And Finch Tavern.


Saturday: (08/03) Lou made an asparagus omelet for breakfast. We headed off to Downtown Boston after showers. I dropped Lou off at the hospital to have here ear looked at. I then dropped Dawn off at Brookline Booksellers store and she traded some books and browsed. I relaxed, walked the neighborhood and visited the bank, When Lou was finished we picked here up and went to the Old North Church for a look. We had lunch nearby at Theo’s Cozy Corner Restaurant. Really nice lunch beef quesadilla for me, potato salad for Dawn, and Clam chowder for Lou. We returned home a little earlier with a stop at Walmart on the way. Dawn made gazpacho soup for dinner.

Sunday: (08/04) Started the day checking availability at Winter Island Park in Salem and they had three days available so we shortened our stay here one day so we’ll be there 8/7-8/10 now. I then called for a reservation in Bar Harbor, Maine at Hadley Point RV Park for our visit to Acadia NP. We got 6 days there. That may be our furthest East and North for this trip. With those tasks complete and our Northeast plans better set, we had leftover asparagus omelet. We drove back to Boston to see the Tea Party ships in the bay and visit Paul Revere’s home. We also enjoyed the Saint Agrippina's Feast and a parade. We also took a lot of unplanned tours because, for some reason, none of our GPS guidance systems were working well. They continually put us in the wrong lanes, and wrong road and often wanted us to go the wrong direction on one way streets. It was really peculiar since we rely on them and they almost always get us to where we want to go. Here in Boston they have worked well, until today. Hopefully tomorrow is another day. We had a nice lunch at Tatta Cafe, a North African cafe. A nice chili size for dinner tonight.



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