Friday, May 28, 2004

Ferndale For The Kenetic Sculpture Race

We did some final packing to depart. I powered up the Motosat and it acquired the satellite in just a couple of minutes. I didn't have time to do more before we departed.
We dashed North to Ferndale just after the morning rush. We had heavy traffic until we were North of Healdsberg. It was then an easier drive the rest of the way. We arrived in Ferndale at the Humbolt County Fairgrounds. We parked and I, of course, raised the Motosat antenna. It got the satellite right away. I then had to get my laptop to connect to the Internet. I had stopped off and got a new crossover Ethernet cable. That seemed to make the difference. It might have been a bad cable that came with the One-Touch Nap. We connected at 700k+.
We went over to the Cookhouse on the Samoa Peninsula for dinner.
It's neat to be parked in a cow pasture and connected to the internet!

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