Thursday, May 27, 2004

Getting Our Motosat

I am in Visalia today at the Wooden Shoe RV park. I came to get our Motosat antenna installed by Impact Wireless. A crew of four arrived about 11am and hefted the antenna to the roof. Michael Lewis spent quite a while getting the antenna installed just right. After a little commissioning and calibration the connection was made. The first test at 2wire showed 200k, not great. Subsequent tests were 600k, 2.5m, and 3m. We weren't able to get my laptop to connect to the internet, but Michaels worked Ok. Due to it getting late and my having to get back to Palo Alto to head North on Friday, I was satisfied that we had made the connection and I would followup on my laptop's problem. I had dinner at Las Palmas restaurant downtown. I got back to Palo Alto at 1130pm. A long day but we now have the Motosat!

At home with new Motosat on roof. Sorry, Best picture so far.

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