Friday, November 12, 2004

Pinnacles Balconies Trail

There are turkeys at our campground. Not weird campers but real wild turkeys. They pass through the campground before 8am each morning. On the right above is the obligatory view of the RV at a new campsite.

There is a little fall color here. These trees by the camp store are a good sample.

A view of the ridge of Pinnacles.

A view of the Balconies Trail. Balconies Cave East entrance.

Cliff overhang near Balconies Cave. A couple of views from the Balconies trail. A tarantula spider seen on the trail. There are road signs that say to avoid running over them.

The above pictures show balls that were all along the trail. They look like finely finished wooden balls when dry. They start out looking like lemons on the trees and the hull splits off to reveal light brown colored balls which darken in the sun. The two top left are examples of being fresh out of the hull and look exactly like ripe peaches. ......Lunch!

Mr Milo, our illustrious cat, takes possession of the dinette seat.

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