Sunday, November 28, 2004


We had a nice visit with Don's brother Ernie over Thanksgiving week. Ernie is a long haul trucker living in his truck most of the time. He calls Las Vegas home. He is an excellent cook and always does a great job preparing Thanksgiving dinner, as well as the rest of the meals while he's here. Lou loves this. The kitchens in trucks aren't as nice as ours at home.

Wolfie, Ernie, and Walter. Walter, Wolfie, and Ernie

Walter. Wolfie.
The weather was nice and it didn't rain until the last day so the dogs didn't track too much mud inside. Usually it gets pretty dirty. It's nice to have the dogies visit, and nice to see them go. Our cat, Mr milo doesn't care for the visit though. He gets banished to the rear of the house for his own protection.

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