Sunday, December 19, 2004

Refugio State Beach

We stopped in San Luis Obispo and looked around some of the antique shops and bookstores. A nice downtown village.

We stopped by to see the chewing gum alley. I don't know how we could have missed this on our last visit. A narrow alley has chewing gum deposits on the brick walls on either side of the alley. It looks like it's been a tradition to add yours to the walls for many years. It really looked like art and took a moment to recognize what it really was. The rest of the streets seem clean so maybe this works? Had a lunch at the China Garden restaurant. They have an excellent buffet.

We stopped for the night at Refugio State Beach. This seems to be a nice "next to the beach", "in the trees", and "by tyhe railroad" campground.

Nice morning at beach. A surfer headed to shore, campground beyond.

Mr Milo loves to work when we travel.

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