Monday, December 27, 2004

San Diego Fleet Science Museum

Started today with a look at a nice cactus garden near the Fleet Science Museum. There were some great large cactus and desert trees there. We played around the Fleet Science Museum (which is much like the Exploratorium in San Francisco). Watched an Imax movie on under sea volcanoes.

We went to the Auto Museum. They had a lot of Oldsmobiles, from the beginning to the demise. Lots of vintage motorcycles, including a 1967 Honda 305 Scrambler just like one I used to have. They had the 1948 Cadillac that is equipped for non-stop travel including oil changes and tire changes as it travels down the road.
We returned to the Science Museum for some more play since they closed late.
We then went to Old Town to the Coyote Cantina for dinner. When we returned, we found our awning put away, we had left it out. Our neighbors were nice to have retracted it during some heavy winds today. Thanks neighbors!

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