Friday, March 25, 2005

Kern River Park, West End

Took a ride West on the bike trail along the Kern River.

I rode this portion of the park West of Mohawk Ave to Enos Lane (I5), basically all the way from right to left and back, about 22-24 miles RT..

The above pictures are of a water tank along the bike trail. It is painted with a scene that matches the looks of the clouds. Note on the left of the lower picture, the painting on the tank is incomplete, the image is painted to look like it is being applied like wall paper.

A pond along the trail.

Flowers by the pond.

One of the many weirs along the river.

a bunch of poppies.

The last 7 miles of the trail are a wild life preserve made up of a group of water banking ponds. Water flows down the river and is discharged into basins where the water soaks into the ground. The birds get the benefit of using the water.

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