Friday, March 4, 2005

When It Rains…

Lou and Dawn Joined Don in Bakersfield. They drove down Thursday Night. It sprinkled on them all the way down and when they arrived, it sprinkled here in Bakersfield. Yes, they brought it with them. It had been nice all day.
Friday, we were returning to the RV and it started to rain, and rain, then hail a little. We pulled up to the RV and it was raining so hard we waited in the car. Water was an inch deep in the lot. We gave up waiting and ran for it. Got inside and it rained even harder and then hailed. Some places in the parking lot the hail was a foot deep. Wow. Fortunately, it was California hail, little 1/8-1/4 inch pieces like rock salt. It was good we came back because the water was coming in all the air vents in the RV, even though we have rain covers. It was bouncing up off the roof through the louvers of the vent covers. Many cars in the lot weren't very fortunate when they ended up in a couple of feet of water. Where we were parked it was OK.

A nice "snowy" looking lawn at Uncle Dougs.

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