Sunday, August 21, 2005

Home Again

We held open house on Saturday and Sunday 8/14-15. We lowered the price to $339,900.
On Monday, we drove out to Shafter, 20 miles NW of Bakersfield. Our house in Bakersfield is surrounded by, but not in, the City so we had to drive to the County dump in Shafter to get rid of the old oven that was replaced. While there, we started to look around the shops downtown and the lights went out, in the whole town. About 5 seconds after the outage began, we heard a loud thunder clap. It must have been a lightening strike that caused the outage.
We returned home to Palo Alto on Tuesday, 8/17. Nice to be home for a while. Wednesday, we tinkered around the house and yard. On Thursday, we went down to Dawn's house, in San Jose, to do some work on the gate, follow-up from replacing the fence a few months ago. Also need to replace the basement door, dishwasher and repair some faucets. Lou and Dawn shampooed Dawn's carpet.
We'll probably hold a garage sale next weekend and return to Bakersfield for the following weekend?

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