Tuesday, August 2, 2005

SLO Here We Come

We packed up last night and left about 8am. After getting gas and LPG we headed out Hwy 166 toward Santa Maria. West on New Cuyuma we happened upon a hay bale spill that covered both lanes. "Hey Lou, jump out and kick that bale out of the way," Don says. Lou does and we pull through a maze of bales all over the road. As we're on the way again, the driver that spilled the load was finally on the way toward the spill and a couple of other truckers were in the road throwing the 30 or so bales off to the side of the road. A little guilt was felt for not helping but it quickly waned. Besides, Lou would have tired easily.
We headed North on Hwy 101 then Hwy 1 to El Churro Park 5 miles Northwest of San Luis Obispo. We found one of the couple of remaining full hook-up sites. The weather is cool.
We visited the arboretum about 6pm and enjoyed our wine watching humming birds, turkey vultures, bunnies, and other assorted creatures.

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