Saturday, October 15, 2005

East Shore RV Park, San Dimas, Ca

Saturday: We made our way down to San Dimas (Pomona), California. It's a nice RV park very near to the Pomona Fairplex where the California RV Show is held. We took a walk along the lake shore. It's quite nice here, especially when you realize it's in LA.
Don will head to the RV show tomorrow. Lou will go to the Fired Arts Craft show also at the Fairplex. We'll both be at the RV show Monday.
Sunday: We moved out of our RV site and parked in a parking lot near the office. We wanted to get down to the shows by 10:0 am. We had breakfast and got out the bikes. We checked our new RV site and the people in it were departing so we moved in early, leveled and hooked up. Then, the rain started. So we folded the bikes again and threw them back in the car and headed down to the show. A lot of other people thought of going to the show as well. It was a true LA trafic jam with some really stupid drivers making their way to the parking spaces. After parking, there was a lot of mis-information about trams. Lou had to return and take a different tram to get to her show. Then when we tried to reconnect at the RV show later we learned there apparently are two "gate A's". We actually had fun at our individual events. There are a lot of RV's to be seen at the show and, unfortunately, some good prices as well. Hopefully temptation will be overcome. Of course, I forgot the camera. Sorry!

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