Friday, October 14, 2005

On The Road At Last

A nice sunrise. The recent rains and cooler temperatures made some nice views of the nearby mountains.

Mr Milo enjoyed a final rest in the Nomi House. We leave this morning.
We finally hit the road again. We've been in Bakersfield holding open house trying to sell our house here. We used a sell it yourself and save a bundle broker.

It didn't work out so we are now listed with a real Realtor, Mark Ponder of Westchester Realty, and we left town leaving it to him. The market has cooled a little during our failed attempt to sell it ourself.
We probably look like the Clampets. Our Toad is stuffed with the "stuff that we accumulated during our stay in Bakersfield.
We're headed to Pomona Fairplex for the California RV Show. Then we'll head up the coast toward home in Palo Alto for a while.
Due to our late departure from Bakersfield we're staying at the Gorman Reststop tonight. We'll head on over to East Shore Regional Park near the show tomorrow morning.

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