Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Justin, Texas

Wednesday: We made it to Justin Texas, our final destination East for this trip. Lou's sister Kathy lives here. We'll be here through the weekend leaving Monday to start the return trip.
Thursday: A tour of the Fort Worth Stockyards was one of todays ventures. Unfortunately, nothing much going on there. It's just the usual junk from China available from various stores. Cute how they tried to hide where the stuff was from in one store by sticking the price sticker over the manufactured by ID.
Fort Worth Stockyards Fort Worth Stockyards
We "enjoyed" the cattle drive, about 10 head of longhorn cattle paraded a block or two on the street, evidently on their way to lunch.
We had a very nice conversation with an old rancher who was the docent at the museum. It was interesting to hear about the changes that have occurred in Fort Worth since the cowboy days of old and in the recent few years.
Fort Worth Botanical Garden Fort Worth Botanical Garden
Fort Worth Botanical Garden Fort Worth Botanical Garden Clock
We then went by the Fort Worth Botanical Garden but were not impressed. Maybe it's just West Texas or maybe we're getting tired of traveling. I think it's the former. Texans seem to exaggerate the points of interest descriptions. We skipped seeing the Japanese gardens because we didn't want to spoil our ideas of what such gardens look like.
We did learn of a US Mint tour here, actually a tour of the Department of Engraving and Printing plant. I didn't know this is the only other place paper money is printed besides Washington DC.
Friday: We visited the Fort Worth Department of Engraving and Printing plant. Learned a lot about our money. The new money they're printing now looks like phony money but they are now changing all currency every 7-10 years to stay ahead of counterfeiters. Unfortunately, cameras are not allowed so no pictures. It was an interesting and informative tour. We went late in the day and were a bit rushed through the museum. Unfortunately, we didn't get any samples at the end of the tour. They seem to think that their money is more valuable than chocolate or wine. Why is that?
Saturday: We started at about 1130 with "breakfast' at Babe's Chicken Dinner House. (104 North Oak, Ranoke, Tx) Their menu includes Chicken dinner and chicken fried steak dinner. That's it. They bought server a salad and brought mashed potatoes and gravy and creamed corn and some great biscuits and a platter of chicken that was more than twice what we needed after we were all stuffed. It was good. I have to return for the steak sometime. We were stuffed all day. There was no problem getting in when we arrived at opening time. There were a lot of people waiting to get seated when we left, evidently that way till they close. Really good place.
We then went over to the Galleria Dallas, in of all places, Dallas, Tx. Big mall, three stories with a nice ice rink in the center. Neat to look around but just a mall otherwise. It wore us all out.

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