Friday, March 10, 2006

Winslow, Arizona

Thursday: We spent the night here in Winslow at Walmart's due to high winds. I looked at the weather report and it looked like we would have good enough weather Friday morning before the big storm arrived.
Friday: We prepared to leave. It was snowing a little. Lou expressed her concern. Don checked the weather reports and it was already snowing in Flagstaff and west on I40. Reports of ice. Winds of 25-30 mph gusting to 45 mph. Enough said, we stayed. You know, there isn't much to do in Winslow.
We had some good snow flurries but it's not staying on the ground. We'll probably not be leaving until Monday morning at the earlies. It's nice and cozy inside. Time to relax and do inside stuff.
Our Datastorm system hasn't worked the past couple of days. In the 2.5 years I've had it I haven't had to do any tweaking except for an early failure of a receiver. Well maybe I've been initiated. I had to do a recalibration of the dish and all is well again. Thank goodness.
Winslow Walmarts Snow Winslow Walmarts Icecycles
Saturday: Good storm last night. It is cold here but nicer here than in Flagstaff. This snow has stayed on the ground, this time. We had dinner at a local eatery of Route 66 fame, according to the menu, he Falcon Restaurant. When we were driving around town this place had the most cars out front. When we arrived for dinner, there weren't that many in the restaurant, but the cocktail lounge was full. Now we know. The dinner was good, better than the typical Denny's. Lou had Steak Mexicanna and I had their "famous" Chicken Fried Steak. Laundry day today. Might as well, it's a warm thing to do and we have more than enough to do.
A bad thing about parking at Walmart is the loss of money due to lack of appropriate resistance to things we can't do without. We replaced our VCR/DVD player today. Tomorrow?

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