Friday, April 21, 2006


Friday: We had a nice trip South. Stopped at Harris Ranch (I5 @ Hwy 198)for dinner. They have the best chicken fried steak (in my opinion) and the best liver and onions (per Lou and Dawn). After a short after dinner siesta, we hit the road toward Tulare. There was quite a bit of heavy rain through Lemoore and Hanford but then it was nice again. We stopped and looked around the Outlet Mall and then went over to Wal-Mart for the night.
Since this is a new departure from home it is defined as a new trip. The December trip was quite extensive and there were a lot of campsites on the trip maps. This will be a bit shorter trip here in Tulare, then Chico, then probably Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park near Orick, Ca. But, who knows?
Fingers crossed hoping for no rain tomorrow for the Antique Farm Equipment Show.
It's been a while since I added any pictures to the blog. Just not too much picture worthy around the house. Now, the antique tractors are another thing. Look out, here come the pictures, weather permitting.
Saturday: We headed over to the Ag Center early. It was only a few miles south of our night camp. We should have just continued on down last night. It costs $10 to park the RV weather for the day. You can arrive Thursday and stay through Sunday for the same $10. May next year we won't be rushed and can arrive early and depart late. Admission is $6 per person. The show is always worth it.
Tulare Antique Tractor Show Stylish Tractor Tulare Antique Tractor Show
At 9:30 there is a tractor parade followed by an older big truck parade. Lasts about 1 hour and 40 minutes. I love the sound of the hit or miss engines.
The weather, while overcast all day, was nice. No rain!
Lou and Dawn are on their way home and I'll be headed North to Chico. Lou will arrive there later tomorrow.
Tulare Antique Tractor Show Row Of Old Tractors
Rows and Rows of old tractors, engines and other old farm equipment.
Tulare Antique Tractor Show Row Of Old Trucks
There was a truck parade as well. A least three rows of big rigs like these.

Click on either of the two images above to see videos of the item in the image. These are very big files so be patient. (8M and 4.5M respectively)

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