Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Aching Back

Fencing in earnest. Most materials have arrived so I couldn't put off starting the actual work any longer.
Cement Delivery Truck Fence Before
Three pallets of cement arrive. A little more than needed for the fence project. Delivery is expensive so why get just a few. I'll do some sidewalk work as well.
It was fun moving two of the three pallets full from the front yard to the rear yard. That's a little over three tons, fortunately in small manageable bags.
On the right is the fence before removal.

Beginning Removal

The fence has been moved back into the neighbors yard a little so the concrete retaining wall and post anchors can be installed. The neighbor has small children and we have water features so we wanted to keep a fence in place.
I feel older each time I start one of these projects but, actually, it's nice to get a little exercise.

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