Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I've been playing with a new blog application. This blog is using Blogger and, while easy to use, it isn't very versatile. It's also damn difficult to change hosts on. This is because while it is hosted on my server it also uses files on Bloggers server as the source and they aren't easily accessible for by a site search and replace. Each entry has to be changed individally.
I looked at WordPress before and for some reason decided not to use it. I took a fresh look recently and it seems pretty good now. So, I set it up on my server and imported the Blogger blog(s) to it. Still looks good. I have to decide on a templete (look and feel) and then patch it up to work the way I want then I'll launch it. There are a lot of "plug-ins" to add features so it may be a while before it's launched.
Here is the work in progress.

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