Sunday, October 29, 2006

Escondida Lake Park, Socorro, NM

Balloon in Albuquerque Balloons in Albuquerque
While we showered and prepared to leave, we enjoyed viewing a bunch of balloons flying along the river. Pretty far away but fun to see. The parking lot at the casino provides a good view of Albuquerque.

We headed South on I25 to Socorro, NM. While fueling the RV Lou went next door to the Sonic drive in and got a couple of breakfast burritos. We moved just behind the service station into a school parking lot and enjoyed our breakfast. The school was next door to a nice park so we both fly or RC planes until the batteries went dead (about 30 minutes). I was considering flying the big plane but some kids moved into the park before I returned so I didn't get it up.

We looked at our books and decided to go back North 2 miles to Socorro Lake Park to camp. They have full hookups for $12. It's a nice park next to a lake. It's had some damage due to heavy rains but good enough for our stay.

Campsite at Escondida Lake Park Socorro, NM Escondida Lake Park Socorro, NM
Our campsite and the lake at Escondida Lake Park.

Rio Grand at Escondida Lake Park, Socorro, NM
We took a walk next door to look at the Rio Grand river. Very muddy water. I like the woods next to the river.

Lou was helping Dawn wit ha report so we stayed a second night. The Datastorm systems provides Internet access anywhere so they passed files back and forth for Lou to edit. We may be thousands of miles away but it's almost like we were still there.

A Cat At Escondida Lake Park Socorro, NM Ducks following Lou At Escondida Lake Park Socorro, NM
There was a feral cat hunting in the park. We, of course, watched him for our cat fix. We fed the ducks. Above right Lou is being chased as she throws pieces of bread. That picture also shows some of the rain damage in the park.

Boondock site East of Escondida Lake Park, NM
We took a drive on the road to the park further out of town into BLM land. There is supposed to be a good boondock campsite there. Well, maybe, if you have a fourwheel drive RV with high clearance. Not good for our Class A RV with it's 5 inch clearance. There were a couple of places where the washes made a one foot drop in the roadway. It did provide a nice view of the Rio Grand river through the valley.

Before we leave the area we'll take a look at the radio telescope site nearby.

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