Sunday, October 1, 2006

On OurMark

Where did the day go. Seems like We didn't do much today and the day is gone.

Wilton Fountain Wilton Fountain Cleanup
I did a little weeding behind the fountain area and pruned the boysenberry bushes as well. I washed the RV and filled the water and drained the holding tanks. We're packed and ready to go. Lou secured some of the stuff in the yard and cleaned up the RV.
It's overcast and sprinkled a bit in the afternoon. The roofers dropped by the neighbors and put plastic over their roof. It's not supposed to rain until Tuesday. I hope Hwy 80 stays open.
Finally, I cleaned our rain gutters.
I still have to clean up a bit of that debris while Lou has her doctor appointment, then we're off.

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