Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Over Hills And Dales

Winnemucca Nv Elko Nv Snow Storm

Rock Springs Wy Snow and Ice Storm
On the road to Cheyenne. Snow all the way.

The Motosat was no better in the morning. Over night, it had really snowed. The hills were very white and we were a little iced up. About 8:00, we hit the road after checking road conditions the old fashioned way, by phone. Not very informative but we decided to move on. About 5 miles West of Carlin, there was a chain requirement. We pulled in and waited around. While we have chains, I really was not interested in putting them on. After a while, the snowing stopped and the plows had made several runs through. We watched as many trucks and cars ignored the chain requirement and finally we followed them through. No problems, road clear and mostly dry. It did snow most of the way on to Wendover but there were no other chain requirements.Somewhere before we stopped for the chain requirement, we evidently broke the right windshield. There is something wrong with this part of the world. Last October on our way through here, the left windshield was broken. We finally got that replaced in January and this is the first trip with the new one. At least I now know what to expect in replacing the second one.
The temperature trough Nevada seemed to stay at 30-32 degrees. After we left Wendover, it finally went up a bit making it all the way to 50 degrees for a short while in Salt Lake City.
After a short walk on which we stopped by a British Pantry and picked up a couple of Beef Pasties for a dinner. I called My brother Ernie who had been in Salt Lake City. He was now East of Evanston headed for Casper to WalMarts with a load then he would be headed to Cheyenne.

We again checked the weather by phone and decided to head on. Ernie had said the best way out of Salt Lake East was not to take I80, but instead to head North on I15 then take I84 thus avoiding the mess and potential of snow around Park City. The grade is so much easier. He was right, It was so much better. Traffic was very heavy on I15 at 7:15 pm. Don't know why. We exited onto Hwy 89 North which connects to I84. Much better! There was some rain but really quite nice.

We stopped at WalMarts in Evanston, Wy, our home away from home, for the night. I tried the Motosat and discover the GPS was dead. After about 10 minutes it sprung to life and I got a connection to the Internet. Relief at last. That's the first time the Motosat has been used since December. I think it forgot how to work. It's now snowing in Evanston. Is it really spring? The trees sure thought so, being in full bloom, under their coat of snow.

We should make it the rest of the way over to Cheyenne tomorrow.

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