Friday, January 11, 2008

Return To The Rio, Las Vegas

Friday: Prep to leave. Major house cleaning by Lou. We took the road along Lake Mead back to Las Vegas. Dropped the RV at the Rio. Picked up our mail. Lou and Dawn went to check a thrift stores as is lot in North Las Vegas and I picked up a cheese cake to go at Jerry’s Nugget casino nearby. We then went by the Mall on Maryland near Twain for Dawn to check out the book store which had a good anthropology section. Lou found some clothes and I stopped by the bank. We then met Ernie and went by the Black Bear Diner for dinner. Chicken fried steak dinners all around, except, Lou and Dawn shared theirs. Ernie and I tried but we took home enough leftovers for a dinner for the three of us later. 20080112 Saturday: We met Ernie at the WWW for breakfast. Then Ernie worked on his truck and we went shopping to stock up for our Quartzsite visit. They day passed very quickly and it was time to head off to our featured attraction of the day.

Balloon Preparation.JPG Balloon Preparation.JPG>
Ernie came over to the Rio and we all went to the Red White and Blue Balloon Festival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. About 25 special shape balloons and a bunch of more standard balloons were there. It was fun walking among them as they prepared to inflate them. We then watched as they were all up and fired their burners together after dark to light up the balloons. They didn’t take flight other than at the end of their tethers but is was fun to see them.

Balloon Preparation.JPG Noah's Ark Being Inflated.JPG>

A Monster Arises.JPG The First Flame is Fired.JPG

The Gathering Grows.JPG A Lighthouse Rises By Noah's Ark.JPG>

The Pink Bunny Energizes The Group.JPG The Crowd Gets Bigger.JPG>

Meadowold's Cow.JPG Coke, Bees And A Rainbow.JPG>

All Balloons Fired Up.JPG Do You Feel The Heat?.JPG>

Ford's Balloon Lite Up.JPG
After the balloons, we went down near the Strip to the Haufrauhaus for a German dinner. Very good as usual. This is one of our regular places to visit when we come to Vegas.

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