Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Lou was off early to her doll making class in San Jose.

Dawn went to work at Stanford abou 10am.

I enjoyed the morning shows and worked at the computer all morning. It' a tough life, But some one has to do it. I did trim my hair as well.

Lou called about 12:30 to arrange for us to go to lunch at New Tung Kee Chinese food in Mountain View. I had planned to go up to San Francisco today for a Bay Area Application Developer Adobe User Group (BAADAUG) meeting. It wasn't until 6:30pm but I had told Lou I would probably leave early. After lunch of our usual shared #21 Combination Chow Fun and a Sour Sop smoothie, Lou then dropped me off at the train station.

When I got to SF, I took a nice walk-about. I walked through China Town, North Beach, Up to Coit Tower for a look around the bay, then back toward down town. I also stopped by the ferry terminal to watch the ferries depart for the evening return home trips. It was then time for my meeting at Learn-It, just off Market Street.

There was an unusually large crowd for the meeting. Today, Adobe launched Flex Buider3 and AIR. Some people from Adobe made a nice presentation on the new features and answered a llot of questions. The meeting was even free this evening since Adobe paid for the pizza and drinks. I didn't win any of the nice door prizes, this time. I left a couple minutes early to walk back to catch the 10pm train. I enjoy these meetings and the occasional visit to San Francisco.

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