Friday, February 8, 2008

McCutcheon Cousins Breakfast

Ernie arrived Thursday afternoon.

McCutcheon Cousins Breakfast Pam And Ernie Cooking.JPG McCutcheon Cousins Breakfast Table.JPG
Last night Ernie offered to cook breakfast for Aunt Mary, Aunt Helen and myself. After he went off to bed, We decided to invite a few others to breakfast, eight others. We called most of the McCutcheon cousins to come over for breakfast. We setup the table with settings for twelve. Ernie wasn't at all shocked like we thought he might be when he saw the table and learned of the additional guests. He and assistant chefs Pam, Mary and Helen fixed an excellent breakfast of Ernie fried potatoes, scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, and oven toast.

McCutcheon Cousins Breakfast Aunts Mary Francis And Helen.JPG McCutcheon Cousins Breakfast Don Jaye and Don.JPG
On the left above are Aunts Mary, Francis and Helen. On the right are Cousin Judy's husband Don, Helen's son Jay, and myself. Cousins Judy and Tom couldn't make it due to the short notice.

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