Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finally A Little Trip

Wednesday: (12/02) I took Dawn to the train after a stop for breakfast at the Hong Kong Bakery. I then returned home and got ready to hit the road. It's been four months so things have wandered some. I finally got away just before 11am. It was rather overcast all the way down to Pismo Beach. Traffic was nice. I arrived about 3pm. Lou had driven over from Bakersfield and had already signed us in at the campground.

It does get dark early.

Breakfast was a pork bun. Lunch was a slice of Costco Pizza in Salinas. We went to Francisco's in Arroyo Grande for dinner only because our first choice, the Pismo Fish And Chips Restaurant was closed until the end of December. Lou had a steak and I had a chili relleno and enchilada.

Our campsite at Pismo Beach Pismo Beach trail
Thursday: (12/03) We started the day with a walk on the beach. Though it's cold, actually cool, the sun was out and it was a great morning. We ventured up the beach to Pismo Pier and watched the surfers. Even though it was cold to us, there were about 30 surfers out. The three that seemed to do best catching wave after wave and riding them all the way in while others missed the ride were an older guy near 50, a girl, and a one legged guy. It looks like skill does count.

We returned to camp and cleaned up the RV. I left without the usual cleanup before departure. It's been sitting for over 4 months and is a bit dirty.

I couldn't get the satellite Internet system to connect so I repositioned the RV and eventually it connected. I guess it forgot how.

We drove up to the San Luis Obispo (SLO) Arboretum. it's one of our favorite gardens though in winter it's not too impressive. A visit to a thrift store and then a walk around the SLO Farmers Market. We then had dinner. We got back to camp about 8:30pm.

Breakfast was cheese cake from Trader Joe's. Lunch was a tri-tip wrap and red pepper soup, also from TJ's. Dinner was Home Town Buffet in San Luis. Lou had a half off coupon we had to use.

Friday: (12/04) Started the day with pancakes and bacon at home. We visited the butterflies at the eucalyptus grove next to our campsite. Not too many this year but it was warm enough so we got to see some of them flying about.

We changed campsites to improve our solar generation We'll get a couple hours more sun at our new spot which is further from the trees.  Lou fixed some chicken and vegetable stir fry for lunch.

Dinner at the Splash Cafe by the pier in Pismo Beach. Since both our first choice of Pismo Fish and Chips and our second choice of Brad;s were closed for the holiday season we tried the Splash. Though much better than your average fiash and chips place we;ll still leave them as our third choice.

There was a little event happening nearby. They created some snow piles for the kids to use.

Saturday: (12/05) We started the day with breakfast at the Lion's Club nearby. Pancakes, sausage, and scrambled eggs for $5. Pretty good. There wasn't a crowd but we did enjoy visiting with a couple from Modesto during breakfast.

We then stopped at a small craft fair in the community room of the mobile home park across the street from our camp. When we returned to camp we lounged iaround for a while having a late lunch of a shared Marie Calendar's frozen chicken pot pie and a green salad.

About 2pm we headed off to San Luis Obispo to another craft fair at the mission there. There were a coupe of thrift stores calling to lou as well.

Our next stop was to look around Avila Beach and San Luis Harbor. Kind of out of the way and not much at either.

We then found a CD player belt case for Lou's new player and stopped for dinner at Francisco's Country Kitchen for breakfast for dinner. We evidently were hungry because we finished both a corned beef hash and a chicken fried steak breakfast. We made it back to camp just before 8pm.

Sunday: (12/06) We had a really cold night last night, down to 33 degrees at 6:30am. It took a while to warm up some. It's overcast like yesterday. We never saw the sun yesterday. Lou took advantage of the weather to bake a pork roast. We had some of it for breakfast with fried eggs and potatoes. We had just finished breakfast and were planning our day, which included renewing our campsite for another day. We tend to sample our site by only paying for a day or two at a time. Luckily, that's what we did. We got a call after breakfast from Dawn advising us that our neighbor Eric passed away. He was only 49.  We packed up quickly and were on the road home within the 1/2 hour.

We had a little rain as we passed through Salinas and Gilroy, just an annoyance. We lunched on a couple of apple fritters in Greenfield. We were home by 2pm.

Our little trip was made a day shorter than planned so we could be home and assist our neighbor. It reminds us that we need to be better prepared with wills and organized paperwork and that there are no guarantees of tomorrow.

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