Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Years Day Week

Tuesday: (12/29) Lou fixed a nice breakfast of home fries, eggs and bacon. Helen was off back towards Bakersfield this morning. Lou headed down to San Jose for more doll molds and Dawn and Courtney were off to a friends house. I enjoyed some time inside. Every thing is muddy again due to a good rain yesterday evening. Lunch was a grilled cheese English muffin. Dinner was English muffins with chili, cheese and Italian sausage.

Courtney wasn't feeling well so stayed at our place. It's nice to have someone to watch over you.

Wednesday: (12/30) Lou fixed a variation on my muffin breakfast. She used croissants, eggs, cheese and bacon. Show off! She picked up some more doll stuff in San Jose and worked on trying to fit it sll into her storage area. She's also been busy entering oll the new stuff into her inventory program. It doesn't work if you can't find it.

Courtney spent the night and by noon was much better. It's nice to see a 24hour bug rather than those long lasting bugs.

I accomplished nothing just tinkering at the computer. I'm getting better at nothing.

Lunch was leftover breakfast potatoes with leftover chili, cheese and Italian sausage on it. For dinner Lou fixed split pea soup.

Thursday: (12/31) Lou fixed French toast for breakfast using home made bread and Italian sausage. Another day of relaxation. I worked hard, on a couple of Soduko puzzles, read the papers, browsed the Internet and generally wasted the day. I did check the neighbors sump pump, which should count as work, about 10 minutes worth.Leftover pea soup for lunch. We all went out for a little shopping trip about 1pm. Dawn went to sell some books and Lou and I visited Walmart. We're practicing for when we get back on the road. We had no particular needs but left with a couple of bags full.

Lou and Dawn went down to San Jose in the later afternoon. Lou made a final pickup of doll molds from the store that is closing and they also checked out Christmas in the Park, a sort of Santa's village in downtown San Jose. They then examined all the thrift stores on the way home. Busy Busy.

There was another 2 for 1 coupon in the paper for Chicago Pizz'a Chicago which prompted pizza for dinner.

I often stay up into the wee hours of the night sometimes actually getting to bed about dawn. For some reason, on New Year's Eve it is usually more difficult to stay awake. Why is that? We'll see if this year is any different.

It's been an interesting year. It started out much as usual with a visit to Las Vegas for New Years Eve, Quartzsite for the big get together, our first visit to Yuma and Imperial Dam LTVA, some time at Joshua Tree NP, some knee surgery for Lou, a lot of work at home in the yard, a couple of trips to Utah for family, and then more work in the yard building new sheds and then the year was over. In a couple of weeks Lou and I hope to be out on the road again to start all over though a little late this year.

Friday: (01/01) New Years Day. Breakfast was different. It was some Chinese angle hair noodles with tofu provided by our neighbor.

I unloaded a used shelf unit Lou picked up at the closed doll store. First order of business was to clear the area where the shelf is to go. Unfortunately it was my leftover concrete bags and the like in the area so a little work was in order. I then had to adjust the shelf's leg lengths since I have a low roof 6'4" in the shop. I got the frame all assembled and then tried to install the wood shelves. The wood was 18" as intended but the shelf support was only 16" deep. Easy to correct by ripping the boards to the correct width but it's raining today and I need to roll the table saw outside to rip them so it will have to wait a day or two.

Lunch was leftover tri-tip roast with broccoli and pasta. A nice walk with Dawn around the neighborhood followed lunch. Much of the rest of the afternoon was doing as I prefer, playing at the computer. I did finally roll the saw out, cut the shelf boards and also make a new insert for Lou's sewing machine cabinet that's been on the list for a while.

Ernie fixed dinner. Homemade Swedish meatballs with asparagus and noodles.

Saturday: (01/02) A nice day outside even though the sun never appeared. Dawn fixed Irish oatmeal for breakfast. Lunch was leftover pizza.

I worked in the shop putting things away and organizing, an endless usually avoided job.

Dinner was an unusual treat, more leftovers.

Sunday: (01/03) Lou fixed baby croissants with egg, bacon and horseradish cheese for breakfast. Lou and I started with a little shopping run to find some plastic storage boxes for my new shelf. That took a while but there was a lot to look at  in the search.

Lunch was leftover more tri-tip roast with broccoli and pasta. I spent the afternoon making two vertical screens out of the old deck fence. It's always nice to successfully re-purpose something.

Dawn made a nice vegetable soup which we had with olive bread. I then packed my bag. Ernie and I are headed to Las Vegas to pickup some stuff from his storage tomorrow. Just a quick trip.

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