Monday, February 22, 2010

Quartzsite, The Final Days

Monday: (02/22) It was windy all day. Lou fixed sauerkraut potatoes with roast pork and fried eggs for breakfast. The original potatoes were gone so she tried something new. She reconstituted dehydrated hashbown chips with the sauerkraut juice. It worked really well so I expect it will have an encore.

Since it was stormy we were home most of the day. I worked on a website while Lou finished one of here dolls.

Lunch was soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

For dinner we went to the La Casa De Rancho restaurant on Central Ave. I had the Sombrero, a big two layer quesadilla while Lou had the meatloaf special. Both were very good. Though we've been coming here for years, this was our first visit here and it's a keeper so we'll be returning.

Tuesday: (02/23) Breakfast was leftover breakfasts with fried eggs. Lunch was cold cuts meat and cheese and grapes. I was busy most of the day tinkering at the computer. It was nice today, no wind, no rain, no clouds but quite cool, close to cold.

Our Solar Powered Crockpot
Since the sun was out and expected to be out, today was another solar dinner day. Lou put a roast on in the crock pot with taco spice, corn and white beans and some salsa for good measure.

Lou's Latest Doll
Lou went off to deliver her new doll to the recipient, a lady she met here last year and promised a doll. Unfortunately she had to return to Idaho so it will have to be shipped.

I tinkered at the computer all day writing. About 3:30 I called RV Special Things. They still don't have my LED lamps in. Darn Chinese New Years messing up shipments. The close shop Friday and won't get the lamps until Monday, possibly. They'll be in Yuma so maybe we'll find them there.

We took an evening walk out to the big Tyson Wash. There are sure a lot of green spots and we expect lots of flowers soon. We did find one really early bloomer.When we got back we enjoyed Lou's roast for dinner. It was actually like beef taco soup since we added crumbled corn chips for some crunch.

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