Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quartzsite, Indian Petroglyphs, Grinding Holes, And Water Tank

Wednesday: (02/24) A nice start to the day, clear but cool. My famous Don McMuffins for breakfast (English muffin, fried egg, sausage and cheese). A few errands after breakfast. I've been playing tag with RV Special Things, a tent vendor here that sells good LED lamps. I had bought a couple to test and like them and decided to get more to replace the junk LED lamps I bought a couple of years ago. They haven't had the type i need, supposedly delayed shipment due to Chinese New Years so I've been checking regularly to see if they come in. They haven't and the store is folding its tent Friday so I dropped off a card with my phone number to get a call when they come in. They will be in Yuma next and as it happens we will be too.

Next stop was Discount Solar to get some wire to rewire and reroute my solar panel wiring to work better with the new mounts. A short stop to get filtered drinking water. Another stop at the Chamber of Commerce for a map which they didn't have. And then home.

On the way into the LTVA, we stopped at the office and asked about where to find the Indian grinding rocks and we were in luck. The volunteer there had just been there and knew the road number to take. It was different the the number in the book I was reading.

Flowers In Quartzsite Flowers In Quartzsite
On our walk yesterday evening, i noticed the first floweres had appeared and more are ready to appear. I didn't have my camera with me so i had to go find the early bloomers again this morning.

A Red Hawk Visited Quartzsite Quail Brigade Member
This place is going to the birds. We had a visitor from a nice big bird, a red hawk. Also we have quail. This one was doing his morning calls from his perch.

Moss In Quartzsite?
It's hard to believe but we have moss on the wash banks near our campsite.

Tyson Wash Water Tank Tyson Wash Water Tank
We headed on out and found it easily. There is a bunch of rocks along Tyson Wash, actually Tyson Wash goes between them. Most of the area is flat land except for these rocks. The wash makes an "S" turn here and the area under the cliff formed by the rocks washes out and there is still water there, a lot of it. Found the tank. This is where Road 621 meets the wash. Road 621 is just South of Road 356 before the gas line road we took the other day.

Tyson Wash Water Tank
The view of the tank from the West side of Tyson Wash above the Indian grinding holes.

Behive Above Tyson Wash Petroglyphs Behive Above Tyson Wash Petroglyphs
I checked the top of the cliff and didn't find any grinding holes but did find a bee hive in a hole in the ground. Smart insects these bees,

Tyson Wash Petroglyphs Tyson Wash Petroglyphs
On the cliff above the tank are several petroglyphs. My interpretation is that they are recording floods due to a lot of wavy horizontal lines. At least that's my guess.

Tyson Wash Grinding Holes
Across the wash there is another cliff and in the rocks on top of that are several grinding holes, one more that a foot deep. Mission accomplished! Our failed mission of a couple of days ago became a successful mission today.

Coyote tracks Lizard At Tyson Wash
Wee hear the coyotes some evenings. Here are some tracks we think are coyote. They are following the tracks of a rabbit along the wash.

Tyson Wash Flowers Tyson Wash Flowers
While we were there wa walked around the area and discovered lots of flowers. In a couple of days the valley floor may be covered with them. These are just the early bloomers.

Tyson Wash Flowers Tyson Wash Flowers
There are a lot more flowers today.

Tyson Wash Flowers Tyson Wash Flowers
Most of the flowers are fairly small but these were an exception.

We stopped at McDonald's for ice cream cones on our way home and then had a nice lunch, ham sandwich for me, salad for Lou. We always try to eat desert first.

QIA Building In Quartzsite
Dinner was at the QIA. I had their evening special beef stew with a pancake. Lou had a biscuit and gravy. All very good and a very cheap night out!

Quartzsite Sunset
A nice sunset to complete the day!

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