Monday, July 5, 2010

Having A Blast

Monday: (07/05) Last day of our three day holiday. Of course, retired people don't really notice a holiday very much since every day is like one. We tinkered in the yard until it was time for breakfast. It gets a bit warm later in the morning so we tend to do most of our work early on these warm days. Lou fixed pancakes with strawberries and blue berries for breakfast. I installed a new sprinkler in the backyard to cover an area that doesn't get enough water. Dinner was BBQ ribs with leftover macaroni salad and artichokes.

Tuesday: (07/06) I fixed Don mcMuffins for breakfast. Dawn and I were off early to San Jose, Dawn to go to work, me because of a call from the tenant that the dishwasher was not working, again. It sounded like and was the door latch switch bad again on the dishwasher. I ordered a new switch. I also worked on Dawn's computer trying to speed it up. I had to replace a bad router to speed up the internet and with the system tuneup it's now purring. We had lunch at a Chinese buffet in Santa Clara. Lou fixed peach and apricot blintzes with sausage for dinner.

Wednesday: (07/07) Lou and Dawn are off this morning to Reno for a couple of  days. Dawn's earned a break. I enjoyed the break tinkering at home. Oatmeal for breakfast. Parmesan popcorn for lunch. Chili size for dinner.

Lou's Thrift Store Find, A New Old Looking Sewing Machine
Lou found this interesting replica of an old sewing machine in a thrift store for $10.

Thursday: (07/08) The project of the day was too pickup a new door switch for the dishwasher and try to get it working. No luck. Time to replace instead though that must wait a week. I shopped my way home looking at dishwashers. Best Buy had the best prices. Not too much to select from since the counter height necessitates an unusually short dishwasher which seems to mean Fridgidaire only. I was working on my home wireless network replacing the router to improve reliability and speed. The old one required rebooting too often. I also noticed the web server that hosts this site and others of mine was not working. Leftover Parmesan popcorn for breakfast. Eggrolls from House of Eggrolls for lunch. Hamburgers for dinner.

Friday: (07/09) I ordered the dishwasher then looked around at other toys at Best Buy and Recreational Equipment Inc (REI) next door. Since Dawn's desktop in SJ is working so much better after the tuneup I started tuning up her desktop here as well. It is an identical Sony model but was less cooperative but eventually, I was successful. Leftover peach crepes for breakfast. Fish and chips for lunch. A hamburger patty and an artichoke for dinner. Lou and Dawn added another day in Reno. They have successfully visited all 2o thrift shops in Reno.

Saturday: (07/10) Don McMuffin for breakfast. I managed to take the day off, for the most part. I tinkered in the back yard some and cleaned up my study some and relaxed. Chili size for lunch. A ham and cheese sandwich for dinner. Lou and Dawn returned after dinner.

Sunday: (07/11) We drove over to Stanford University and the Mall for a walk today. Dawn made an exotic pancake like thing called a Dutch baby for breakfast. Dinner was pizza.

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