Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hot San Francisco Walk-about

Tuesday: (09/28) I caught the 07:30 train to San Francisco.

I walked along the bay on the Embarcardero through fisherman's wharf to North Beach.

Rocket Ship At San Francisco Ferry Building
Along the Embarcardero I saw this rocket ship, the Raygun Gothic Rocketship, near the Ferry Terminal. It is posed ready to launch. I couldn't find a ticket boot.

I stopped for some pizza and a beer for lunch t the Golden Boy Pizza place then at my favorite dim sum place on Broadway, both places visited on the last trip. I am a creature of habit. I then hiked up to Coit Tower. Today was nice and clear so there were good views.

Bay Bridge From Below Coit Tower
The bay bridge from below Coit Tower.

Coit Tower Coit Tower
A couple of views of the Coit Tower.

Flower In Street Garden Near Coit Tower
A nice flower in one of the street gardens below Coit Tower.

I then hiked up Columbus to Lombard street then over the hill up the "Crookedest Street" along Union Avenue.

Park 90 Degrees Sign By Lombard Street
I noticed a sign just before the crooked part of the street that said "Park at 90 Degrees". There were lots of cars parked there so I guess it was actually hot, unusual for San Francisco. 

Lombard Crookedest Street From Coit Tower The Crookedest Street Lombard Street
The crookedest Street, Lombard Street. On the left is as seen from my visit to Coit Tower. On the right I'm in the middle of the street at the foot of the crooked section.

 San Francisco Walk Lombard Street to the Presidio  5942.jpg
From the top of the crookedest street looking down the West straight part of Lombard Street toward the Presidio, the old Army base.

I stopped at the Real Food Market for some water. They have the cheapest water at $.49 as opposed to $1.00 to $1.50 per bottle everywhere else. It was hot today so lots of water was consumed. I considered stopping at Liverpool Lil's for some shepherds pie that was reviewed on a local TV show as really good. Well, too authentic for me. I don't like lamb but do like what is called shepherds  pie when it's beef not lamb. So on I went.

Palace Of Fine Arts In San Francisco
I stopped by the Palace Of Fine Arts for a nap in the shade. The Palace is under reconstruction but still looks good.

St Peter Paul Church
The St Peter and Paul Church has been in many movies. It's located at Washington Square in North Beach near my Pizza lunch stop.

I then caught a bus back downtown. The creature was back so I stopped at the dim sum place for a wiener in a bun. I had 30 minutes to kill so I people watched on Market Street then went to my 6:30 meeting.

The project manager for the Adobe AIR product told us all about all the new features and plans. Adobe AIR is a program that allows the Flash web applications to run on the desktop. Of course they served pizza after the meeting.

After the meeting I walked back toward the train station via The Embarcardero again. I passed by the ATT Ballpark where a game was in progress. Seemed like every seat was full. At the back of the park you can peek in at the game, so I did, but only for a second. I had to hurry on to catch my 9:40 train home. It only takes an hour to get back home.

Lou was busy at home cleaning and tearing things up. She wants to remove our carpet and refinish the hardwood floors, so she started that today. She removed a small portion, just the entry hall and cleaned and waxed the floor. It actually looks pretty good. Though there will be some work replacing some damaged and missing parts of the hardwood floor and removing stained portions. 

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